MCGC Neighbors - Special Edition News Blast
MCGC Neighbors - Special Edition News Blast
MCGC Neighbors Special Edition News Blast

Metro District 3 Board Election

Metro District 3, the district that encompasses Murphy Creek, is responsible for the amenities, facilities, and services of the district.  This mean the Metro District 3 Board sets the policies and takes care of the operations of the Community Center, pool, tennis courts, common areas, etc.  With the district being a governmental entity and political subdivision of the State of Colorado, the Board is also responsible for decisions concerning some land uses, such as the exclusion of a parcel of land from the district when the Archdiocese of Denver was interested in building in the neighborhood.   

The three Board positions that are currently up for election have 4-year terms ending in May, 2018.  To be eligible to serve on the Board, you must be a registered voter in the State of Colorado, AND you must also meet ONE of the following requirements:

*  Reside within the District for at least 30 days;
*  Own or have a spouse who owns in his/her name (not an entity name) taxable property within the District;
*  Have an option to purchase property within the District which obligates you to pay taxes.

If you are interested in running for one of these positions, please be sure to complete the self-nomination form quickly, as it must be received by the HOA's legal counsel by 5PM on Friday, February 28.  Submitting your self-nomination form as soon as possible leaves enough time in case any corrections or changes need to be made to your document.  Corrections or modifications cannot be accepted after the deadline.

Information below is from the Murphy Creek HOA's website:
Click here for Self-Nomination Form
Click here for Election Calendar
Click here for Fair Campaign Practices Act

The Designated Election Official (DEO) for this election is Brent E. Butzin, at White, Bear & Ankele, PC.  If you have questions about the election, please contact Mr. Butzin at 303-858-1800 or  

Please submit your completed self-nomination form to:
Mr. Brent Butzin
White Bear & Ankele, PC.
2154 East Commons Avenue, Suite 2000
Centennial, CO  80122

MCGC Neighbors Special Edition News Blast

Oil & Gas Open House

ConocoPhillips is hosting an Open House with light refreshments at the Murphy Creek Tavern on Wednesday, February 26, from 5PM - 8PM.  The purpose of the Open House is to address any questions or concerns the community may have about the oil & gas company's activities in the Niobrara.  Rather than having a formal meeting with a question and answer segment, ConocoPhillips will be on hand to answer questions that individuals may have about their activities.  You can click here to see more information about the Open House.

If you aren't sure about what kinds of questions to ask, and you want to get some background information about fracking, the Niobrara, well permits, etc. before attending the Open House, here are some links to a cross section of websites:

Oil & Gas Well Address Map - ConocoPhillips and other oil & gas companies
Drilling Permits - 3 issued to ConocoPhillips on February 10, 2014
The Niobrara News - Pertaining to Arapahoe County
Oil and Gas Journal - Niobrara Shale
Oil and Gas Boom - Denver Post article

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