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Let It Snow!

And it has!  Lynn Swanson, a Murphy Creek resident, gathers snow data every day in his back yard, which is officially designated as CO-AR-249.  He reports Murphy Creek data daily to the COCORHS web site, along with the data reported from numerous Colorado collection stations. The data is available here for anyone to search. 

Here is a breakdown of the numbers and what they mean. Overall this winter has been below average, so far.  Total snowfall for this season is 11.2" inches, yielding 1.03" of water when melted.  As expected for early winter, we have been receiving colder 'drier' snow.  This means that over 10 inches of snow is needed to produce an inch of water.  With receiving only one inch of water in two months, the trees and plants in your yard will appreciate a drink sometime in January!  Choose a nice day when there is no snow cover to give them all some water.

These are the numbers:

In November we had 4.3" of snow.  The average is 8.7".

In December we had 6.9" of snow.  The average is 8.5". (For daily Murphy Creek details, click here.)

While we've lucked out by having missed what should have been one or two big storms with our name on them, we're behind on water for the winter.  That being said, there's still plenty of time left for "Old Man Winter" to deal us some surprises.  

Murphy Creek Tavern

Murphy Creek Tavern News

The Tavern, here in Murphy Creek is a Membership Partner with MCGC Neighbors.  For all neighbors who have joined MCGC Neighbors, the Tavern will give you 15% off all food purchases.  (Alcohol is not included.)  Membership in MCGC Neighbors is only $15 for a year. (Click here for an application to join.) 

With just a couple of meals at the Tavern, you will have saved the $15 for your MCGC Neighbors membership.  This is a great partnership between The Tavern and MCGC Neighbors, so take advantage of good food here in the neighborhood and receive 15% off the food you enjoy!

Note that the winter hours for The Tavern are Monday 4PM-8PM, Tuesday-Friday 11AM-8PM, Saturday 8AM-8PM, and Sunday 8AM-7PM.  Drop in for a meal in a cozy environment and take 15% off your ticket. (alcohol is not included.)  The Tavern also has new to-go menus. Call ahead to order (303-361-7310) and you can pick up a meal for the family on the way home.  It doesn’t get any better and more convenient than that!

Calendar at a Glance

Calendar at a Glance

Jan 12 & 14 (Mon & Wed) – Poker - the Tavern - Register by 6:00PM - plays begins at 7:00PM

Jan 24 (Sat) - "Groundswell Rising" - film and update on local fracking issues - Aurora Central Library - 10:30AM - 12:45PM

Jan 31 (Sat) - Last day to take advantage of Sam's Club gift card offer

Christmas Tree Recycling

What To Do With Your Christmas Tree?

Recycle your Christmas tree by taking it to one of the city’s recycling locations.  The one closest to us is the Saddle Rock Golf Course, 21705 E. Arapahoe Rd.

Your tree will be mulched and can be used again in our yards and gardens.  Drop off is free - just remove any nails, decorations and tinsel.  January 12 is the last day trees will be accepted. 

Mulch is also available while supplies last. Take your truck or bags and containers.  And you’ll need a shovel for self-loading.

Please note:  the Murphy Creek Golf Course is NOT one of the recycling locations, so please don't take your trees there.

St. Pius X
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Annette Martorano - Travel Leaders

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MCGC Membership Partner - discounts for MCGC members!
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Plains Conservation Center
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