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Oil & Gas Committee Study Session
Transparency - We Caught a Glimpse!
For the last several months, we have been updating you on the Oil & Gas Committee.  If you weren't sure why we were so intent on this, it's because we believed that complete discussions about proposed changes to the committee's structure were not being shared with the Council Members on the Planning and Economic Development (PED) committee, the policy committee that oversees the Oil & Gas Committee, or with the public.

When the agenda was published for Monday night's, May 11, City Council Study Session, we saw what we believe to be more thorough and more complete information about the discussion held at the Special Oil & Gas Committee meeting on February 11, 2015.  So, after 3 long months, we believe we are finally seeing some amount of transparency regarding this issue!  Steve Rodriguez, Planning and Development Services, is listed as the Staff Source on the Council Agenda Commentary, so Thank you, Mr. Rodriguez!

Unfortunately, Ward II Council Member Renie Peterson’s suggestions were not included with the supporting documentation for the agenda.  This is very disheartening, as our Ward II (Murphy Creek is in Ward II) is currently the only Ward affected by Oil & Gas development, so it would seem that Council Member Peterson’s opinions and suggestions should be of interest to the other Council Members.  We particularly appreciate her insight about having 2 members appointed, NOT by City Council, from 2 communities most affected by Oil & Gas development, instead of having all citizens appointed by City Council.  The most recent citizen member appointed to the committee by City Council is the Area Chair for Arapahoe Responsible Energy Advocates (AREA).

It is our understanding that Council Member Peterson’s suggestions will be emailed to all Council members prior to Monday night’s study session.  We’re not sure who to thank for that, but we believe that Bob Watkins (Director of Planning and Development Services) is the person sending the email, so, Thank you, Mr. Watkins! 

Previously, we were concerned that City Council would be making a decision based on incomplete information.  We were also concerned that PED members had asked the Oil & Gas Committee for input, but that input wasn't being properly conveyed back to PED members.  We now believe that City Council has most of the pertinent information from the current Oil & Gas Committee itself, therefore, whatever decision they make will be based on the most complete information available.  So, if they make a bad decision, it won't be because they didn't have good information.

We encourage you to read through the supporting documentation for the Study Session and Council Member Peterson’s suggestions.  We also urge you to read an open email to City Council from Aurora Citizens for Responsible Energy (A.C.R.E.) with suggestions for modifying the proposed ordinance, and an open request from What the Frack?! Arapahoe with suggestions regarding the Oil & Gas Committee.  These documents aren’t included with City Council's documentation, but we sincerely hope these suggestions, along with any other suggestions received by City Council members, will all be reviewed, discussed, and seriously considered at the Study Session.

If you haven't yet sent an email to City Council with your thoughts about the structure of the Oil & Gas Committee, please do so before Monday night's Study Session.


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