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What Is Character Profiling?

Our Guest Writer for this week is Ronald E. Crampton, MA, LAC, LPC.  Ronald has an active counseling practice in Aurora and lives in Murphy Creek with his wife, Mary.  He is clearly well credentialed and qualified to provide the following article on AV Treatment Counseling. This approach is a way to develop a stronger sense of self and gain tools to help you make more effective and controlled choices as you navigate life’s challenges.  One of the important tools with this approach is Character Profiling.

Part 1:  I often do an experiment with people by asking them  - If I were a police sketch artist and we were looking for you, could you describe to me what you look like? With most responses I usually end up drawing a stick figure with colored hair and colored eyes. We see ourselves every day, yet, ironically, we can describe the detailed features of a stranger we witnessed once more accurately than we can describe ourselves.

A second question I often experiment with is - Who are you? Generally the responses pertain to things people did - their job title, or their role in the family or a defining life event. Rarely do I have someone tell me “who” they are. In fact, the number of people who are somewhat able to answer this question is shockingly low.

We all have schemas, which is psychology’s way of saying we have scripts that define how we present ourselves - our personalities. We have several tools ranging from horoscopes to Myers-Briggs to the hundreds of questions in the MMPI that help us define what our personality is. It is even claimed with evidence based proof that these personality definitions are accurate and reliable; meaning that our personality is true and does not change much throughout our lives.

This approach to personality definitions has baffled me for years. My personality is not even close to what it was when I was younger. Oh, they say, but the core of my personality stays the same. Ah, so personality can change, but the core stays the same throughout.  Well then, what the heck is the core of my personality?

 Okay, so let us reason this out. Personality is our scripted definition of how we present ourselves based on our core. If our core does not change, but our personality does (arguably), then what causes the change in our personality? The key here is the “what” that changes our scripted definition.

Multicultural psychology proposes that our environment and our experiences make us who we are. It is our cultural traditions, our platonic relationships, our intimate relationships, our job successes and failures, and every other extrinsic experience that we can possibly think of that makes us who we are. But hold on. All these things are extrinsic - You are intrinsic!

Intrinsic is the core "what", which can only be you. Extrinsic is the external "what", and by definition, extrinsic cannot be you. If we define our core by any extrinsic label, the definition cannot be who you are. Schemas are our scripts that guide us in the engagement of living. It is what we do and how we interact. If our schema is directed by the extrinsic, then what we are scripting as who we are, actually belongs to the extrinsic "what". If it is your script, it should be directed by your core. But if you do not know the core of who you are, then "what" is living your life?

Definitely intriguing!  Next week in Part II, our Guest Writer, Ronald Crampton, will provide more information linking personality to character and “What is Character Profiling?”  If you are interested in talking further with Ronald, his counseling office is in Aurora, and he can be reached at 303-481-4212.  He is also an MCGC Neighbors Membership Partner, so see his ad in the right column of this News Blast.

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Last week we gave you some tips about how to better navigate our weekly MCGC Neighbors’ News Blast. (If you missed it, just click here!)  This week we are offering some tips to make it a little easier to find information on our website

So that you don’t have to click too many times to get where you want to go, we have tried to group the most popular and pertinent information on our home page. The home page showcases our community with revolving pictures of Murphy Creek, thanks to homeowner, Laura Blaser.  

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Next week we will provide some tips for using the community Bulletin Board on our website.

Calendar at a Glance

Calendar at a Glance

May 11 (Sun) – Happy Mother's Day!

May 12 & 14 (Mon & Wed) – Poker Night – Sign up by 6PM, Play begins at 7PM – Murphy Creek Tavern

May 15 (Thurs) – Energy Workshop – 7-9PM – Southglenn Library, Centennial

May 16 & 17 (Fri & Sat) – Murphy Creek & Cross Creek Neighborhood Garage Sale

May 17 (Sat) – Mother/Daughter Golf Clinic – (Call for times 303-361-7300) -Murphy Creek Golf Course

May 31 (Sat) – Deadline for Early Bird Registration - Murphy Creek 5K Race on June 28 - Homestead Park


Yard Work

Yard Work!

Yes, it’s time to pull up the weeds, pull out your lawn mower and pick up some mulch to put around the base of your trees. 

Adding 2” to 4” of wood chips, bark or other organic material around your trees will help retain soil moisture, reduce weeds, control grass, increase soil fertility, improve the appearance of the landscaping and soil structure, and protect the trees from damage.  Who knew? 

Free mulch is available at the city’s mulch pile at 14201 E. Hampden Ave.  Bring your own truck or trailer and the mulch will be loaded for free by city workers between 8AM and noon on May 10, June 28, July 26 and Aug 23.

Murphy Creek Community Garage Sale

Don't Forget the Garage Sale!

Murphy Creek and Cross Creek's combined Community Garage Sale is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, May 16 and 17.

If you want your address to be included in the online map, just email your address, day(s) you plan to participate, and major item categories to the HOA Social Committee by Sunday, May 11.

Happy Mother's Day
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