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MCGC Neighbors' Guest WriterThe Murphy Creek Golf Course Story – Part 3

This is the final, Part 3, of the Murphy Creek Golf Course Story.    No one but Dennis Lyon could bring us all the unique details about how our golf course came to be.  As the Golf Manager for the city of Aurora prior to his retirement, Dennis was in charge of building the course. If you missed either of the prior articles, click for Part 1 and Part 2 to catch up.   Thank you, Dennis!

We also wanted to build a clubhouse that fit the homestead theme and matched the existing barn along Murphy Creek on the front nine.  Eidos Architects were selected to design the Murphy Creek buildings, and I feel they did a fantastic job. 

Murphy Creek is one of the few courses in the country with a maintenance building next to the clubhouse.  The cart barn actually resembles a dairy barn.  An advantage to building the clubhouse, maintenance building, cart barn and storage building in one complex, is it allowed all of the service areas to be out of site from the golfers. 

The range ball machine actually sits in a silo.  When golfers arrive at Murphy Creek they see a large clubhouse, which could have been the original farmhouse in a homestead setting.  Due to the service area being surrounded by buildings and fencing, they don’t see the delivery trucks, the dumpsters or the employees washing carts.  This is an unusual arrangement and creates a special space which makes people feel very welcome.

The tournament pavilion was located close to the clubhouse and works great for tournaments and other events.  The backyard at Murphy Creek is actually an exceptional practice area. 

The Quintessential Foursome sculptures are Murphy Creek gems and portray a unique story.  They are well  worth visiting, if you haven’t already.  Funding for this art came from the city’s public arts program, which the Murphy Creek project donated to.  Some funding also some came from Comcast.  Comcast needed a place to bury a bunch of cables and switch boxes.  We told them if they would contribute $40,000 towards the sculpture development, they could use the end of the driving range for their project.  They agreed and Murphy Creek added another sculpture thanks to Comcast.

I could go on and on, but am approaching way too many words for this article.  Our goals have been met and surpassed…we have a golf course that is challenging for Professionals, as with the USGA Championship, yet still fun and playable when your 80 year old grandmother comes for a visit and wants to play a round with you!  And I will end simply by sounding like a proud Dad, “I believe Murphy Creek is a great community with a wonderful and unique golf course!”

New Home Construction in Murphy Creek

New Home Construction

It looks like new home construction is beginning again here in Murphy Creek. 

Century Communities bought out the remaining lots in the Parkways sub-association about 4 years ago.  Century Communities has opened a sales trailer and has begun working on the 27 lots available in the Duquesne area. 

The houses will be the same alley homes as are already built and will be priced in the upper $200,000s.

Murphy Creek Boards Meetings

Murphy Creek Boards Are Meeting

The next meeting of the Metro District and HOA Master Boards is scheduled for Wed, March 26, beginning at 6PM at the Community Center. 

These boards are comprised of representatives from the Developer of Murphy Creek and current residents of the community.  Board members are responsible for making decisions that impact all areas of the neighborhood - pool, tennis courts, community center, open areas, landscaping, waste collection, enforcement of covenants, etc. etc.

The Boards meet every two months to discuss and vote on neighborhood maintenance and management.  Anyone who is a resident is invited to attend and share your views.

Neighborhood Watch Meeting

Neighborhood Watch Meeting

The first day of Spring is March 20 - and so is the next Neighborhood Watch Meeting. 

The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM in the Community Center.  The discussions will focus on safety in the community and what a neighborhood watch group can do. 

Contact Darcie Friess with questions at 720-435-1969.

Calendar at a Glance

Calendar At A Glance

Mar 20 (Thurs) – Neighborhood Watch Meeting - Community Center - 6:30PM

Mar 20 (Thurs) – First day of Spring

Mar 24 & 26 (Mon & Wed) – Poker - the Tavern - Register by 6:00PM - play begins at 7:00PM

Mar 26 (Wed)– Metro District and Master HOA Boards meetings - Community Center - 6PM - 8PM


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