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ConocoPhillips Open House Highlights

ConocoPhillips held their Open House last Wednesday, Feb. 26 at the Tavern.  There were 10-15 representatives available between 5-8PM to talk with individual neighbors who dropped by. 

MCGC Neighbors had asked ConocoPhillips to change their format from an informal Open House to a structured meeting in which the company provided information to all attendees at the same time and answered questions so that all attending heard the same message.  ConocoPhilllips declined, preferring the informal chatting.

Several neighbors who attended offered various key points and their impressions of the Open House.

-ConocoPhillips currently has 3 drilling permits near Murphy Creek - 2 wells are currently being constructed a few miles east of Murphy Creek on Jewell and at the end of Jewell on Watkins Rd.

-Land surveys are being conducted now to determine where drilling will be expanded in our area.

-The Cottonwood Creek location (2.9 miles east on Jewell) will soon be flaring/burning gases that escape during the drilling.  This will occur at the site for 6 months to a year, until the gas pipeline is built and operational. 

-When asked about air quality, ConocoPhillips indicated they will be monitoring emissions at the well sites, but not in any of our neighborhoods.  Several residents submitted requests that ConocoPhillips install an air quality monitor in Murphy Creek.  If ConocoPhillips responds, we will update you.

-When asked if they wanted to live with a well near their homes, several of the Reps answered they had lived next to wells and it was no problem. Those who grew up in Colorado on the Western Slope, where there are numerous wells, see the industry as a way of life.

-When asked about health issues, the answers were very general.

-When asked about their large trucks and traffic along Jewell, the answers were unclear.  We do know thousands of gallons of water must be trucked in to each site, used for drilling, and trucked out again for disposal.

-While it was a positive step that ConocoPhillips held the Open House and their Reps were most willing to answer questions and chat with the neighbors, their answers were often different from each other, not clear or they just did not know.

Drilling and fracking will be expanding here and will become a bigger influence on our neighborhood.  Let’s all be watchful and try to stay informed.  As one neighbor put it, “let’s hope they will be good neighbors.”

Play It Again Sports

Have You Tried Play It Again Sports?

If your kids need sports equipment for school, or a bike for riding around the neighborhood, or you’d like to try out a new sport when Spring arrives, or you think you’d actually use a tread mill if you had one, then check out Play It Again Sports.. 

If you have a bike that is now too small for your child or you aren’t using that tread mill you bought last year, check out Play It Again Sports.  You can buy, sell or trade gently used or new sports and fitness equipment. 

And, as a Membership Partner with MCGC Neighbors, Play It Again Sports will give you a $5 discount on any item bought for $25 or more.  Just show your current MCGC Neighbors membership card.  If you aren't currently a member, join now.

Look for the store at 18883 East Hampden Ave, #193., next to the 7-Eleven convenience store and just behind their gas pumps. 


Learn more about the deals and Play It Again Sports via this Denver Post article.

Plains Conservation Center

Raptor ID Workshop

You've seen raptors in our neighborhood, but do you have trouble identifying what you've seen? 

If so, the Plains Conservation Center is holding a workshop on Saturday, March 8, from 9AM - 12:30PM to help you learn clues for identifying one species from another.  You will also learn a little about the habits of hawks, falcons, eagles, and owls. Reservations are required. 

MCGC Neighbors paid members receive a discount on a PCC membership.

Calendar at a Glance

Calendar at a Glance

Mar 3 & 5 (Mon & Wed) – Poker - the Tavern - Register by 6:00PM - plays begins at 7:00PM
Mar 7 - 9 (Fri - Sun) - Rocky Mountain Horse Expo - National Western Complex - Denver
Mar 8 (Sat) - Raptor ID Workshop - Plains Conservation Center - 9AM - 12:30PM
Mar 9 (Sun) - Daylight Savings Time begins - 2:00AM
Mar 10 & 12 (Mon & Wed) – Poker - the Tavern - Register by 6:00PM - plays begins at 7:00PM


Guest Writer - Dennis Lyon

The Murphy Creek Golf Course Story

Our Guest Writer this week is Dennis Lyon, a resident of the community since 2004  with his wife, Penny.  One of his sons and family also live here, so it is a real  family affair.  For those who don’t  know Dennis, he is a Certified Golf Course Superintendent and was the Manager of Golf for the city of Aurora for many years prior to retiring. 

A LITTLE BACK GROUND - During my years with Aurora Golf I had the pleasure of supervising and managing the construction of Saddle Rock and Murphy Creek Golf Courses.  Saddle Rock opened in 1997 and Murphy Creek opened in 2000.  It takes several years to plan, design, build and grow-in a golf course. 

Saddle Rock was under construction when I got word from the city that we were building another golf course, Murphy Creek.  Immediately I knew Aurora Golf would be going into competition with itself.  The Golf Fund, which is a “stand alone financial enterprise fund,” (not tax supported) had already borrowed $6,000,000 to build Saddle Rock. 

In the early 1990’s when the city decided to build Saddle Rock, another 18-hole golf course was needed.  The previous 18-hole addition was Meadow Hills, a semi-private country club purchased by Aurora in 1977.  By the early 1990’s the city had grown considerably and a new golf course was in order.  However, the golf course market did not require the city to open another 18-hole golf course, Murphy Creek, just three years after Saddle Rock opened.  In addition, Fitzsimons golf course went public during this time, Heritage Eagle Bend was also under construction, and the possibility of Heather Ridge going public was on the horizon. 

As the Manager of Golf for the city, I was concerned with how the Golf Enterprise was going to attract enough golfers to pay the $6,000,000 debt on Saddle Rock and the additional $8,000,000 debt for Murphy Creek, plus maintain them both. 

Decisions such as building a golf course to sell houses and collect development fees, sewer and tap fees, property taxes etc. may in fact be, at times, a great political decision for the city.  This does not necessarily make it a good business decision for Aurora Golf.  However, as a middle manager in city government, I expressed my concerns with the potentially difficult financial implications involved with building Murphy Creek and was given the tasks of building Murphy Creek anyway and figuring out how to pay for it.  How this was accomplished and the difficulties involved are a story for a different day.

Stay tuned….more of the story about the development of our Murphy Creek Golf Course will be published in our next News Blast.  Dennis Lyon is a uniquely qualified source for providing all of us with this story.  MCGC Neighbors thanks him for being willing to share it!

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