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Groundwater - Proposed Rules

The Colorado Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) is currently working on establishing new and amended rules for Statewide Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring.  This information can be found on the COGCC website.  On November 14 at 9AM, the COGCC will be holding a meeting at the Denver Athletic Club, Centennial Room, 1325 Glenarm Place, Denver, to hear and discuss  proposed rule changes prior to adoption, which is expected to occur by mid-December.   The Nov 14 meeting will begin with presentations by the COGCC regarding the Groundwater rule.  Then the public will be able make comments, followed by presentations from the registered interested parties.  Proposed changes to the Statewide Setbacks and Aesthetics and Noise Control Rule will also be discussed during this meeting.
MCGC Neighbors has established a  committee, Murphy Creek Concerned Citizens, and has requested and received Party Status for this committee regarding the Statewide Groundwater Sampling and Monitoring Rule, as well as the Statewide Setbacks and Aesthetics and Noise Control Rule.  Party Status establishes the committee as a registered interested party and entitles our group to present and submit alternative rules to the COGCC.  If you are concerned about or interested in these fracking-related issues and would like to be included on this committee and potentially influence these rules, please contact Linda Deebel.

Honey Bee Asian Bistro
Honey Bee is a Honey of a Bistro

MCGC member, Margie Sobey, has taken advantage of her MCGC Neighbors' membership to visit one of our Membership Partners, the Honey Bee Asian Bistro, and receive the 10% MCGC Neighbors' discount. 

Margie has had the Almond Chicken and Cashew Chicken, and gives them both high marks.  Friends have ordered the Spring Rolls and the Garlic String Beans and raved about them. 

We encourage you to take advantage of the discounts being offered by the businesses who are our Membership Partners; you only need to be a paid member of MCGC Neighbors.  If you have a testimonial about one of our Membership Partners, give us feedback and let us share it with the neighbors!
Calendar at a Glance
Calendar at a Glance

Nov 14 (Wed)Yoga – Cancelled
Nov 14 (Wed) – Poker Night – 7PM – Tavern
Nov 14  (Wed)– COGCC meeting – 9AM - The Denver Athletic Club, Centennial Room, 1325 Glenarm Place, Denver, 80204
Nov 28 (Wed) – Metro District and Master HOA meetings – 6-8PM – Community Center

Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network
Unique Opportunity for a Weather Buff

Since 2003, Mark Shapard has been measuring the rain, hail and snow precipitation falling in his backyard here in Murphy Creek, and that data and his observations have been posted on the CoCoRaHS website. 

The data are immediately available to help supplement existing weather networks and information used by scientists, resource managers, decision makers, etc. 

There are currently very few co-op weather observers any where near Murphy Creek, which is unfortunate, as our weather is usually significantly different from the surrounding areas. 

Mark and his family have recently moved from Murphy Creek, so he wants to pass along this volunteer opportunity for providing data about the weather unique to this part of the prairie.  Check out these PDFs for more information, and if you are an interested weather buff, email us and we will connect you to Mark.  Thanks, Mark, for your years of providing such valuable weather information!
Steve Smith - Realtor and Murphy Creek Resident
Jennifer Oldham - Your Neighborhood Realtor
Plains Conservation Center
MCGC Membership Partner - discounts for MCGC members!
Honey Bee Asian Bistro
MCGC Membership Partner - discounts for MCGC members!
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