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How Does This Affect Me?

Zoning Code Rewrite
Because Murphy Creek and many of the other communities along the E-470 corridor are Planned Developments (PDs), we have our own set of zoning codes, so it is easy to think that the rewrite of the city's zoning codes doesn't affect us.  But, it is only our residential communities that are governed by the PDs; the commercial areas surrounding our communities are governed by the city's zoning codes, so that DOES affect us. 

It's important that future commercial developments contribute to our safety, provide neighborhood services, and positively impact our quality of life and property values, etc..  We already have one development underway that Murphy Creek and other nearby communities fought against four years ago but lost the battle, so please get involved to ensure that future commercial developments will have a more positive impact on our communities.

You can review and comment on Module 1 of the Zoning Code rewrite now.    

Annexation Study
This annexation study was originally for 2,983 acres east of Hayesmount Road, all of which lies outside the city's Planning Area and Annexation Boundary and outside the city's Urban Growth area.  So, how does this study affect us?  It affects us because the city is spending $531,000 on a study that was requested by four landowners.  Those landowners originally agreed to pay $70,000 toward the cost of the study, but because the city decided to increase the size annexation area, now the four landowners aren't contributing any money at all, but we all are. 

Mayor Hogan has been interested in Aurora becoming a City and County for a long time, and any proposed annexations of land would need to be completed before such a change takes place.  So, after having already spent $300,000 studying the City and County issue, this additional $531,000 study seems somewhat like throwing good money after bad.  The Aurora Sentinel article of March 17, 2015 offers more information and public comments on the link between this annexation study and the city-county issue.

Wouldn't it be better to spend $531,000 to hire several more people in the city's Planning Department?  Then, instead of rewriting the zoning codes to allow for so many administrative approvals of development applications and site plans, the additional staff could continue the public hearing processes in front of the Planning Commission.  All of which affects us.

You can read more about the annexation study in our MCGC Neighbors' News Blast of June 10, 2015.  You can read more about the City and County issue in the Denver Post article of June 15, 2015.

Community Rights Summit
This Summit, hosted by the Colorado Community Rights Network (COCRN), explains how our current laws affect our ability to govern ourselves.  Over the past 200+ years, we have been steadily losing these rights, and this certainly affects us all.

COCRN is organizing a 2016 Ballot Initiative.  The Summit will provide an opportunity to learn the reasons behind the Ballot Initiative and to understand how we have been losing our right of self government.

The Summit is this Saturday, August 15, 2015, from 9AM-4:30PM, in the Rocky Mountain Room at Front Range Community College, located at 3645 West 112th Avenue, Westminster, CO  80031.  
There is no charge to attend, but please sign up here, so that enough space and snacks can be provided.  Please bring your own lunch.  The speakers will be fast paced, and their information will be very enlightening!
Visit the COCRN website and review the ballot initiative language.  Hope to see you there!
Freaky Friday

It’s a Freaky Friday!

The neighborhood movie night is this Friday, August 14. The event is sponsored by your HOA Social Committee.

Head to Homestead Park with your family just prior to dusk so you can settle in and be ready for Freaky Friday.  This is a kid-friendly movie, in spite of its title. 

You’ll need to bring along lawn chairs or blankets, jackets, and maybe snacks and drinks.  It’s a fun way to spend a summer night with your family.

NOTE:  Some of you may know that the sprinklers turned on during the last 2 movie nights.  The Social Committee has been working with the Parks Department, and this issue should now be resolved.

Colorado Free Days

Colorado Free Days

Summer is still with us and there are still Colorado Free Days available.

Check out the Children’s Museum.  The 1st Tuesday of every month is free – Sept 1, Oct. 6, Nov 3 and Dec 1.

The Denver Botanic Gardens are free on Aug 31, Sept 9, Nov 13 and Dec 14.

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is free on Aug 17, Oct 19 and Nov 9.

Today’s museums are interactive, educational and fun, so check them out for free!

Calendar at a Glance

Calendar at a Glance

Aug 14 (Fri) - Movie Night, "Freaky Friday" - Homestead Park - Dusk

Aug 15 (Sat)
- Colorado Community Rights Summit - Front Range Community College - 9AM-4:30PM - sign up here

Aug 15 (Sat) – CPR & AED classes - 9AM-1PM - Aurora Fire Stations - details here

Aug 15-16 (Sat & Sun) - Golden Fine Arts Festival

Aug 15-16 (Sat & Sun)Art in the Park, Parker

Aug 17, Sept 27, Oct 19, Nov 9 - Free Days at Denver Museum of Nature and Science - details here

Aug 22 (Sat) – Emergency Preparedness Training - Aurora Fire Station No 11, 2291 S. Joliet St. - 8AM-4PM

Aug 22-23 (Sat & Sun) Evergreen Fine Arts Festival

Aug 30 (Sun) Country Music Project - Sponsored by the Social Committee - held at the Tavern - 5PM-7PM

Aug 30 (Sun) Affordable Arts Festival, Littleton

Aug 31, Sept 9, Nov 13, Dec 14 - Free Days at Denver Botanic Gardens - 1007 York St., Denver - details here

Through August – Free days at Hudson Gardens, 61115 S. Santa Fe Dr., Littleton - Dates and details here

Through Oct 4 – Toys Exhibit - Colorado History Center - Details here or call 303-447-8679




Global Fest 2015

Global Fest

Aurora sponsors a range of entertainment events for residents of the city throughout the year.

This month on Saturday, August 22 you will not want to miss Global Fest.  It is an exciting celebration of Aurora’s diverse cultural communities and cuisines.

The Fest takes place at the Municipal Center’s Great Lawn, 15151 E. Alameda Parkway from 2 – 8PM.  You will find fantastic foods - Mexican, Nigerian, Spanish, Oriental, Italian, Greek and USA.

There will be 2 stages with cultural dancing and global musical entertainers including Simba African Drum Band and PAO-Chin-Yeh Chinese Cultural Dance. 

There will be an Arts Market, and for those of you who enjoy beer, The World Beer Market will offer five different beverages with brewing techniques and flavors from around the world.  All beers are globally inspired - and locally made.  Sounds like a good time! 

Denver Dumb Friends League

Pause for Paws

According to research by the Human-Animal Bond Research Initiative Foundation, 87% of the doctors surveyed said their patients’ moods improved as a result of owning a pet.

Pet ownership has been linked to less stress, lower blood pressure and better heart health.  Those sound like some very good reasons to add a pet to your family.  There are numerous adorable dogs and cats at local shelters that need a home.  If you are ready to adopt, help a homeless pet find your home!

Consider visiting the Aurora Animal Shelter located at  15750 E. 32nd Ave, Aurora 80011 - 303-326-8280. Or, visit the Denver Dumb Friends League located at 2080 S. Quebec St., Denver 80231 - 303-751-5772.

And there are other shelters in our area that need you to visit and adopt.  Many shelters have pictures of their adoptable pets on line - so check them out. And remember, it is actually good for your health to have a pet, and it is certainly good for the health of the pet you adopt.

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