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Instead of being held in the summer, this year’s Neighborhood Block Party, sponsored by the Plains Conservation Center, MCGC Neighbors, Thunderbird Estates, and Sterling Hills, will have a holiday theme!

Please join your friends and neighbors on Sunday, December 7, from 2 – 4PM, at the Plains Conservation Center, located at 21901 East Hampden Avenue, Aurora 80013.  Take a break from the hectic holiday season and relax with egg nog, hot cider, holiday cookies, and much more. 

While the kids are making ornaments from recycled materials, the adults can enjoy the spiced refreshments and listen to Dr. Jeffrey Su, Executive Director for the PCC, talk about his recent trip to Zimbabwe and South Africa, and what he learned about saving our short grass prairie. 

See the flyer for more party information.

There will be drawings for prizes and giveaways.  If you like, you may bring items that your children can use when creating their keepsake recycled ornaments.  Admission is free!

The PCC is one of our Membership Partners and offers generous discounts to our paid members.  Join us now or at the party! 
Have a happy and safe Halloween!

Where Did Halloween Come From?

The origin of Halloween can be traced to an ancient pagan festival, Samhain, celebrated by the Celtic people over 2000 years ago.  The Celts believed the dead could walk among the living at this time.  Some Celts wore ghoulish costumes so that wandering spirits, perhaps evil ones, would mistake them for one of their own and leave them alone.  Others offered sweets to the spirits to appease them.  Spirits could take the form of ghosts, vampires, werewolves, witches, and the current popular zombies.

In Medieval Europe, the pagan custom of going house to house wearing costumes and requesting small gifts was adopted.  In Medieval Britain, hollowed-out turnip lanterns with candles inside were carried to ward off evil spirits.  In the 1800s in North America, pumpkins replaced turnips because they were more plentiful and easier to carve.

And evolving from that history, on this Friday night (Halloween!), be ready as witches, ghosts and goblins visit your houses asking for treats and sweets and are carrying plastic Jack-o-lanterns.  (Turnips are out.)  You won’t know if it’s a neighborhood kid in costume or if it’s a real evil spirit.  Just be prepared with bags of candy that you share freely with all who appear at your door.

Calendar at a Glance

Calendar at a Glance

Oct 29 (Wed) - ConocoPhillips Open House - Murphy Creek Tavern - 6:30PM - 8:00PM

Oct 31 (Fri) - Halloween - At dusk throughout the neighborhood

Nov 2 (Sun) - Daylight Saving Time Ends - 2AM

Nov 3 & 5 (Mon & Wed) – Poker - the Tavern - Register by 6:00PM - plays begins at 7:00PM

Nov 4 (Tue) - Election Day - VOTE!

Dec 7 (Sun) - Neighborhood Holiday Party - Plains Conservation Center - 2-4PM - Free


Daylight Savings Time Ends

Change Your Clocks!

Daylight Saving Time ends very early Sunday morning, November 2 at 2AM.  “Spring Forward and Fall Back”.  It’s time to fall back. 

Before you go to bed on Saturday night, turn your clocks back by 1 hour.  That would include all bedside clocks, watches, kitchen stove and microwave clocks, mantel clocks, car clocks, wall clocks, etc. etc.

You’ll get one more hour of sleep that night.  Then, you can look forward to it being lighter when you are waking up but darker when you are driving home from work.

ConocoPhillips Q & A
ConocoPhillips Q&A

MCGC Neighbors and others submitted over 30 questions to ConocoPhillips at their last open house on September 9, 2014.  We have now received ConocoPhillips' written responses

If you want to see the questions that MCGC Neighbors submitted, you can see them here.  ConocoPhillips is no longer willing to respond to questions in writing.

The next open house will be at the Murphy Creek Tavern tonight, October 29, 2014, from 6:30PM - 8:00PM.

MCGC Neighbors compiled all the responses received from our Parachute Well Survey and submitted the results to the City on October 24, 2014.

Please check A.C.R.E.'s website for the status of Rule 804 aesthetics and noise complaints for some of Conoco's nearby well sites.

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MCGC Membership Partner - discounts for MCGC members!
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