May 2022 Newsletter
A Successful Fundraising Project

"I personally would like to thank each & every one of you that helped me with any possible kind of support to make this crowdfunding project happen.

Sunday 24th Apr our local team invited Indri & family for donation handover, terms for donation disburse & discuss Indri's potential schools.

Again..thank you so much from the bottom of my 💗 "



-Marcella, Indonesia Fundraising

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What's happening at our Bali Center?
The Center's reconstruction and refurbishing have at long last begun, and we are so excited!

Bali Guesthouse overlooking pond and beach is stripped to its bare bones for extensive remodel.

The main school building is next.

Expected Completion:
May 2022 for Guests housing 
July 2022 for Main Buildings Education Center to reopen provided COVID conditions.
A sneak peek into our Re-construction phase!

The Bali center was once Carol's vacation home many long years ago, before becoming our school.
The guest house with a swimming pool brings in tourists that help to support the IHF children's programs.

The construction makes us a bit anxious we love our guest house, with its lovely view of the ocean, the sound of the waves, the waterfall, and the ponds surrounding both the school building and guest house.

We are gearing up for the summer with expectations of the construction completion. Also, having the fun environment back in presence of our GLDs and Directors without worrying about the repair problems.


With all the new changes coming forth, it is going to be challenging for our GLDs and Directors to ensure the continuity that has existed over the 22 years to remain in the form that will be viable and most productive.
It is always a balancing act and very important for our beloved Bali.

Carol and all of us at IHF are so thankful to each of you who have contributed in many different ways. Whether monetary donation, or by teaching the children in Bali and throughout Indonesia, or bringing school supplies, donations of laptops, smartphones, any donations and help you have given to the various teams involved! 💗
Do not miss out on our next Monthly Newsletter to see the progress of the completion. You might see the much-anticipated completion of the guest house!
Read more about the Bali Center
Our Jakarta Center
Have you ever tried fasting before?

During this month, our fellow Muslims exercise a full month of fasting including our young boys & girls.

It reminds us of our less fortunate fellows who can’t eat and have access to clean water to drink.
That’s why we need to be grateful for what we have, conserve clean water, and don’t forget to help less fortunate people.
Eid al-Fitr is usually celebrated by giving donations and grocery supplies for people in need, if you’d like to do this you can drop them at our Jakarta Center or direct bank transfer to Yayasan Asah Asih Asuh (Bank Mandiri) 006-001-042-030-9.
Team Members

Welcoming our new local GLDs Dhea & Wildan to our IHF community!

Dhea is going to work for Jakarta Center. She’ll be involved in the Event Coordinator Team, Awards with Writing Editing for their interviews, Mentoring with Educational Mentors, Indonesia Fundraising. 

Wildan is going to work for Bali Center. His teams are Media PR, Indonesia Education, Indonesia Mentor, Graphics, and Website. 

So excited to see the young generation making this world a better place.

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Financial Support
In the month of Ramadhan, everyone wants to spend time with their family and relatives. Unfortunately, some of our IHF children don't have their biological family. But they can always count on us, we will support them from the emotional and educational development sector.

However, for financial support, we need your help!

We have 8 children who have not received TEP sponsorship yet. The sponsorship, called The Education Program (TEP), that they receive will be used to provide the things that help them with their education, such as buying books and school supplies, paying school transportation costs and paying extracurricular fees, or buying lunch.

A portion of the TEP sponsorship will also be used to fund the classes in IHF. This will really help them to be able to continue their education.

You can help these kids to provide the stuff they need to continue their education by sponsoring them!

There’s also another way to help Indonesian education which is to fund our classes so we can continue to provide a better education system for IHF children.

By donating $30 a month, you will help us to cover the operational cost needed to keep the class running.

Become A Sponsor / Donate

"I encourage people to join IHF as you’ll get the chance to work together with volunteers from all over the world with different backgrounds."



"IHF allowed me to find what it is that I truly enjoy doing, and I felt more confident. My experience with IHF led me to an amazing opportunity for my career, therefore I am truly grateful for IHF. The organization will always have a place in my heart, and I hope to continue to contribute in the future."

Read more about their experience and connection with IHF
Our Kenya Center
  • The candidates finished their national exams and will soon be moving to institutions of higher learning after their results have been released.
  • Some of them will be visiting their homes in east and central Pokot where they will be staying for a while as we work around the clock to get them donors and sponsors to fund their university education.
  • Charity who was among the ten candidates finished her exams earlier and has already received her results and we are pleased to inform you that the outcome was impressive.   
  • As the candidates are going to open new chapters of their lives, we decided to throw a graduate party for them to celebrate their achievement and transition to the next level of life.
  • The party was attended virtually by our CEO and loving mom to the children Carol Sasaki and our highly esteemed mentors who provided career guidance and counseling to the candidates.
Read more about the activities at the Kenya Center
Team Members
Our Kenya Center Team 

Kases Kakuko (GLD)
Lead Kenya Finance Team & Sponsor Letters

John Ochieng (GLD)
Co- Lead First Response Team, Media Box & Lead Reference Teams & GOOT

Kerryn T Muleya (Director)
Lead First Response Web Search Team - GOOT & Co-Lead References Teams

Grace, Herzel & Judith K (Online GLDs)
Co-Lead of the Fundraising & Grants Team, Mentor Team and the MOU Teams

Savithri (Kenya Centre Executive Manager)
Lead of the Curriculum & Education Team
Financial Support
Amongst all our children, four have finished their exams and would love to visit home. Since few of them don't have biological parents, they would be staying at the center. Needless to say, the children can always count on IHF.

The nine graduate children from high school are waiting for their results. The sponsorship program has helped us at Kenya center to provide food, center supplies, educational programs and educational supplies such as book and etc.

We are immensely grateful as these eight of our children as a graduate of high school, would be the first in their family and for some even in their tribal clan.

They are completing vital steps in their lives, not just for themselves but also for the survival and health of their tribe.

However, they still need support to further their studies, like college or any advanced training is so important for their tribe's future and voice in this changing world.
Help the children by becoming their Sponsor
Our Medan Center
This month is Ramadhan, a holy month for Muslims. A happy time for us!

Indonesia has many religions living peacefully with each other. It is rare for us to have conflict between religions like in other countries.

This month, we, Muslims of Indonesia are doing fasting on Ramadhan for a month. Our holy Koran teaches us we are not Muslim if we don't respect all religions and science too.

Ramadan is a beautiful practice and reminder. We are taught to share the food and blessings. We are also taught to not be in a tense mood but just breathe and be peaceful during this time.

Our Medan Center is always bustling with traffic and people traveling afar during the fast-breaking time at night as people are busy selling food and snacks.
It can be loud, but it's joyous too with people singing and praying. 

Classes at the Center

After two long years of Covid, the classes at the center resumed. The children were keen on attending these free classes even during Ramadhan despite being on a holiday and fasting.

Such determination from these children is commendable, isn't it?


We had our two lovely TEP students visit our center here at Medan namely, Adiva Lituhayu and Abizaki Sstagina.

They visited with their mothers to express their thanks with a letter to their sponsor.

The presence of 600 students in a class was missed during the pandemic. Online classes aren't as good as meeting everyone in person.

It was a great feeling having our students back with us!

Team Highlights

OOTT stands for Online Outreach Task Team.

Members of this team and its sub-teams learn to reach out online to find people who are enthusiastic about various career and skill areas or similar passions. 

This is done country by country through their Universities, Government entities (from village to city to National), and the many thousands of local and global Associations that exist to benefit their members & mission. 

There are many avenues and entities for reaching people with similar interests locally and internationally. Learning about these ever-changing venues is helpful to support any initiative you will have in your life.

Here are the three main OOTT teams we use: 


(1) GOOT corresponds to the General Online Outreach Task Team.
On this team, you are learning about general volunteer platforms and posts that exist around the world to reach people with specific expert skills or career goals. 

(2) UNI-OOTT (University Online Outreach Task Team) has a special focus on the wonderful universities worldwide. We reach out to both professors desiring a more hands-on experience during their sabbaticals, as well as students in specific, applicable fields: looking for either volunteer experiences or internship opportunities.


(3) The Web-Search arm of OOTT, is instructing you on how to research and reach out to governments and associations at the village level as well as globally. There are a zillion and one entity that exist in particular areas that you and the communities we serve, may be interested in and benefit from. 

These three teams form our IHF OOTT. 

If you're interested in any of these OOTT Teams (GOOTT, Uni-oott and Web-Search) let us know!
We would love to have you as a volunteer. IHF has many active volunteer teams open for members in six divisions.    

  1. Human Resource Teams
  2. Education, Mentoring & Events Teams 
  3. Finance ( Local and International teams)
  4. Media ( Social Media, graphics, writing, translation, Web, Newsletter)
  5. Fundraising, Events & Grants
  6. Administrative, Research & Legal.

Whether you are in high school, college, graduate school, or retired, we would love to hear from you.   

That's the magic of IHF, it’s all of us, for over twenty-two years, giving ourselves, a little bit, as we can monthly. This keeps things going, slowly but surely. 

Over these many years, thousands of children are helped because of all of us. And thousands of youth and adults practice and perfect global leadership skills they use to reduce ethnocentrism and help many more children through their lives. 

We come together, regardless of our differing politics and beliefs, to unite in action, toward a brighter future.

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See you next month...
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