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Jakarta Center

As August is around the corner we are excited to open our Jakarta Center again and meet the hundreds of IHF children, teachers, and volunteers we miss and love so much!

We have had a few events in preparation and how AMAZING it feels! The pandemic has forced us to move all our activities virtually for over two years to ensure students, volunteers, and everyone involved is safe and healthy.

We haven’t been able to meet them in person for so long and we really miss them so much. Our laughing, singing, learning and sharing together in the same rooms.

Yes, we saw some behavior changes in a number of students. They need our in-person classes, not just our online. They miss the personal touch and euphoria their classmates generate, as they care for each other and make sure no student feels isolated or alone. The children encourage each other by small in-person acts, such as holding a struggling child's hand and encouraging them through lessons and mistakes. 

Far too many of our students have difficulties in accessing online classes due to gadgets and internet limitations.
But don’t worry, our wonderful team has worked so hard to restart all our offline activity at our center for August. Right now, the children are still enjoying their long school holidays across Indonesia. We are further using this time to prepare our center so we can start the activities when the new semester starts.

That’s why we are in real need of your any kind of support, could be donations or if you’d like to be our volunteer, that would be very helpful too.

COME VOLUNTEER AT OUR JAKARTA CENTER. Whether traveling here and living at the center, or as a local teacher or volunteer. We Welcome you! 🙏💗

Become a volunteer with IHF
Do you know how we can strive for many years to serve the impoverished children? It’s because of other people's generosity. The IHF Indonesia Fundraising Team is looking out for companies who are willing to Sponsor A Class or A Child. And because we are a VOLUNTEER organization: when you sponsor a child you’re directly supporting their educational needs.
Sign up your business to partner with us by dropping us an email through & let’s make a good impact now!
Last month our Board Members were invited to a special event held by JABA. They gave IHF Jakarta Center a generous donation & it’s been used to refurbish our center's building and classrooms- so we are ready to welcome students, International & Local GLDs, volunteers, and guests at our center.
Check out the short video of a few of the classrooms. More yet to paint and prepare.
Click on the image to view the Jakarta Center Video

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Bali Center


The Bali center is expected to open with the new roof and repairs in late August. The team at International Humanity Foundation is concerned about the delays and building challenges that we have had to overcome, yet relieved about the progress this past month. The guest house is finished and the main school building is coming along.

Keep an eye out for the next "August" Newsletter edition to check out the completion of construction we are so excited about!
Video of our loved ones in Bali!
"Can't wait for roof and repairs to be finished and center open again!"
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Medan Center

Medan Online Volunteers & At Center Volunteers are NEEDED to help Deny, our Medan Director. He has been battling huge health issues and had to check-in and out of the hospital every now and then. However, being the wonderful educator that he is, he relentlessly drives to meet the students, a journey that would usually cost him 40 minutes and more each way despite his health battles.

This traveling is also difficult for our children. The government has set up green zone SAFE areas for students to gather. But we hope to be able to open the Medan ( & Jakarta ) centers in August.

Many of our At Center students feel shy and discouraged if they can’t attend the classes because they don't have internet or computers of any kind at home and many especially do not have any educated relatives to teach them at home. This leads to the bigger issue when children start doubting their own immensely unlimited intellectual capabilities. So we travel to the green zones with them and are eager to open our Medan city center for them in August. 

Help the children by Volunteering (Online or At Center)

The children were very happy to meet each other again and showed their keenness in doing the activities. One of the activities was drawing and coloring. They drew and colored a picture of fruits. In doing so, they practice Indonesia's technique of mimicry.

ART as MIMICRY is misunderstood by many Western Cultures. We will be exploring this cultural difference at a deeper level next month.

The Indonesian Students did their best to mimic the model ( in the subtle amazing style of INDONESIAN ART) -but just like a tiger that can’t be tamed, their creativity was overflowing and shining in many ways. There were finer details that exhibit uniqueness and freedom of expression that only a pair of attentive eyes can see.

Indonesian culture follows this mimicry model in both art and in its method of academic teaching... and yet individual expression and creativity are exhibited at a subtle and exquisite level.  Indonesia's gorgeous Art pervades every aspect of the culture in all its variances. For visiting foreigners, it is amazing to learn about and "see" in this new, exciting Indonesian way.

Join us next month when we explore this "seeing" further.
Children singing, laughing, and learning with Deny in Medan
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Kenya Center
What if we were all blunt? How different would our everyday lives be? What would happen if we said what was on our minds, all day every day? Unfortunately, that is not the case because you only get these thrillingly beautiful and remarkable stories once every month. welcome to our latest Centre Highlights of the month my name is John and I’m going to be your narrator, happy reading.
Award and winning

GLD of the month

Let’s introduce skin with the shine, we call him Mr. Finance. The award-winning GLD of the month is none other than Kases Losute.  We are hoping Kases will qualify for the Salesforce Education program or a similar one in IT). Our beloved Kases works smart around the clock to ensure that the children’s sponsor letters are turned in on time. He also works with our Kenya finance team to ensure transparency and accountability.
Student of the month
It's good to have a good teacher, but you always need a pretty good student.

The Kenya center student of the month is none other than Lydia Adoket. She’s not only the student of the month but the best student of the school term. If I were to describe Lydia in three simple words I’d say she is a very motivated, studious, and focused student. She is always ready to learn and takes part in all her online classes. Lydia is a great student who works hard and she sets a quiet example for others to follow. She knows the meaning of effort, responsibility, and integrity, which will take her far in life. We are so glad to have chosen Lydia as our student of the month and we can’t wait to see what great things the future holds for her.  Congratulations Lydia for a job well done!

Center events and activities
There was a short midterm break during which our executive manager organized an activity for the children. The activity involved making and designing appreciation cards. Art is a way of recognizing oneself so they say and from this activity we were able to recognize how talented our children at IHF Kenya center are.

The Kitchen Garden
I'm not much of a gardener, but I definitely want to learn more. Last month was the first time in many years that I really went for it alongside my colleagues at the center. I was pleased as punch that the plants we planted actually grew! Of course, there were some failures, too, but overall my experience made me excited to try gardening again sometime. I’m happy that our kitchen garden suggests there might be a place where we can meet nature halfway. With the continuous showers from the almighty our garden will soon be blooming with different kinds of vegetables. Our children have also demonstrated happiness and energy chanting happily while doing weeding in the garden during their free time.

Ultimately, as Michelle Obama once said, “We can make a commitment to promote vegetables and fruits and whole grains on every part of every menu. We can make portion sizes smaller and emphasize quality over quantity. And we can help create a culture - imagine this - where our kids ask for healthy options instead of resisting them”.

Vegetable Gardening in Kenya Centre 
This is the unmissable story of Kases, who has grown up with IHF and been a tremendous contribution. It is not just a story about our beloved student but also about how difficult yet loving, life is in East Pokot, Kenya!

According to John F. Kennedy, leadership and learning are indispensable to each other, Kases is not only a good leader but always ready and eager to learn, he is always on the frontline doing both his online and local tasks, leading as an example while showing others how to do the task and therefore, on behalf of the International Humanity Foundation, I would like to express our appreciation for his valuable contribution.
We are grateful for the energy, enthusiasm and dedication he brings to his role as a GLD. He makes our mission that much smoother and so they say the best present you can give a person is your time. 

An Interview with Kases Rammy – by Sunita
East Pokot, in Baringo County, is one of the poorest districts in Kenya.  While the people of the tribes here are committed to their ancient beautiful cultures and traditions, there are also challenges faced by mothers to provide for their children.  There are questions on many levels from severe poverty, malnutrition, non-farmable climate, lack of water or food, and the high fertility rate in an attempt to keep a challenged tribe alive.  This brings us to look deeply into a life of a young boy who has grown into a man in IHF. He has taken on difficult educational challenges, determined to help his tribe survive.

Kases Rammy was nine years old when he attended his first school in the early 2000’s. His single mother cared for him and his six siblings and she was the one who introduced him to education.  It is part of the tribal communities’ traditional ways to have more than one wife. When a father dies from starvation, war, etc. the wife is inherited by the most powerful male, and the children are not always allowed to remain with the mother, but rather sent out to work. While these cultural norms might be foreign to many, and difficult for women, please note that this tribe has a wealth of beauty and practices, if only we can learn from them.  

IHF’s volunteers and CEO have witnessed sharing between each other the last food remnants of the season, in a manner that won’t be seen in other cities, and other acts of selflessness we haven’t the room to describe. As a young boy, Kases said he too tended to the animals such as goats and cows of the wealthier owners from various tribes.  Because the desert doesn’t allow for farming, animals play a major role in the cycle for survival, trading of animals is common and determines your wealth.  Herding livestock is the norm for boys here. Eventually, they will drop out of school, if they are attending one and graduate from boyhood to a warrior. They will then proceed to their manly duties, first marriage and then caring for their family.  The girls on the other hand will either have not attended school at all or drop out earlier on to be married and start a family at a very young age.  

With the help of IHF, Kases graduated with the class of 2021 in Information Technology from JKUAT University in Kenya and hopes to land a job in IT networking.  He is 23 years old and is currently interning with IHF. He volunteers as a GLD assisting on three teams.  Kases was chosen to be part of the IHF community when CEO Carol first visited East Pokot in 2004. Kases remembers first meeting Carol and her love and concern for this tribe struggling to survive. 
Read the full story here
Team Highlights 
Eager to learn about leadership? How do I use these leadership skills to improve the world?

The virtual discussion will take place online in Zoom
Session I (Saturday, July 30th 2022) : 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM Jakarta/ 08:00 PM - 09:30 PM Bali and Perth
Session II (Sunday July 31st 2022): 01:30 PM - 03:00 PM California/ 04:30 PM - 06:00 PM New York

Please register here: 
Kindly go to this link if you would like to donate and input JUL 30 or JUL 31: 
Indonesia Mobile: +62 878-8056-4871
Kenya Mobile: +254 114319522
If you have any questions, kindly contact: or
Event Highlights 
See you next month...
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