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Regenerative agriculture could save the earth

Regenerative agriculture is finally in the news. As our planet heats up, we could save the world by farming differently.** 

Organic, diverse crops, managed sustainably, can sequester carbon dioxide in the soil instead of the atmosphere. This healthy soil can hold more water. Our small holder Palestinian farmers are practicing just this type of farming.  See the photo above from the 2010 Canaan Fair Trade website.

Regenerative farming focuses on soil, not crops. Soil fertility is built by not tilling, by planting cover crops and by rotating crops in the fields. Livestock grazes in a natural pattern that improves the soil by frequent moving. Farmers get better yields with less cost. With fair trade, our Palestinian farmers gain economic security.

Beyond this, we are nourishing our farm families in Palestine. Ancient heirloom seed varieties have been banked and are being re-introduced by the PFTA and Canaan.  Our regenerative farmers get more nutrient dense food than the GMO seeds the occupier is pushing. And it tastes better too!

The land-race seed bank and the pollinator program (beehives for Palestine) are two of the regenerative agriculture projects we support at LOCF. Planting olive and almond trees is regenerative. Organic education is part of every project in Palestine; everything comes with training. Every PFTA farmer has received a regenerative agriculture practices handout, and there are training sessions and extension field visits by CORE.

Global climate change is a huge issue facing our planet. Regenerative agriculture is part of every project and every solution we fund.

**Green America calculates if we can convert just 30% of cropland and pasture to regenerative farming practices, we can reduce atmospheric carbon to pre-industrial levels.

For more information here are two readable articles from YES! Magazine:

For a Sustainable Climate and Food System
The Key to Saving Family Farms is in the Soil

If you would like to hear the science behind carbon sequestration, please contact me.

Your elevator speech

An elevator speech is a short message to spark interest in what the Foundation does.  You might find this useful when you are talking about what you do for Palestine. It tells what we do, for whom, and how we get it done, all told with enthusiasm and a smile in 30 seconds or less!  Here is an example:

"The Land of Canaan Foundation supports traditional farming communities in Palestine to stay on their land against great odds.
We plant olive trees and place beehives, support women's cooperatives and women entrepreneurs, and re-establish traditional regenerative farming through education and training. 
Our help goes directly to the projects and people who most need it and is put to use right away for food security and economic security.
Would you like a flyer showing some of our projects on the ground?"

It's the season!  Tell Monica you need LOCF  handouts and you will get them in a few days.  They are a great way to talk about Palestine and introduce the reality on the ground to those unfamiliar with the issues by showing real people under occupation who are insisting on life.

Tip:  If people want to buy fair trade and organic Palestinian olive oil and foods, send them to the new website at

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