Dead Kettle IPA is now available in can four-packs at Right Brain Brewery! This beloved IPA joins an illustrious Right Brain Brewery can lineup featuring CEO Stout, Northern Hawk Owl, CEO Stout, Smooth Operator, and Naughty Girl Stout. 

The Dead Kettle recipe harkens back to a day when Right Brain's brew kettle actually died in the middle of a brew. In an effort to salvage the batch, Right Brain brewers whirlpooled and dry-hopped the beer. The final product was light-bodied, showcasing heavy citrus notes and a hoppy aroma. Lo and behold, Dead Kettle was born. 

For a limited time only, Dead Kettle four-packs are on sale in the Right Brain Brewpub for just $5.40 (includes Michigan's 10 cent deposit)! That's four pints of Dead Kettle IPA for just $5. Dead Kettle cans will soon be available throughout Michigan's Lower Peninsula.
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Watch this behind-the-scenes video about our new Dead Kettle IPA cans!
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