2016's Mangalitsa Pig Porter Release Party has officially been scheduled for Saturday, April 16th. The day's festivities will include live music, our annual pig roast, and glorious Pig Porter! 

Mangalitsa Pig Porter put Right Brain Brewery on the map after winning a Gold Medal for Best Experimental Beer at the 2011 Great American Beer Festival. Brewed with smoked Mangalitsa pig bones, Pig Porter is the quintessential culinary-inspired beer, and offers a surprising array of complex flavors. This viscous porter showcases notes of roasted pork with a smokey nose and a mild, chocolatey finish. As is the case will all Right Brain beers, real flavor comes from real ingredients. No extracts or flavorings are used to produce Mangalitsa Pig Porter. 

The Mangalitsa Pig Porter Release Party is free to attend, family friendly, and will feature Pig Porter on tap and in 22oz bottles. For future Pig Porter updates, join the Mangalitsa Pig Porter Release Party Facebook event by clicking the link below!

Facebook Event: 2016 Mangalitsa Pig Porter Release Party

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