Nitro CEO Stout Has Arrived! 
Patience is a virtue, and those blessed with patience are rewarded with the creamy-amazingness of Nitro CEO Stout! Sure, it takes a minute to pour, but it's the best beer minute of your beer life.
Michigan's Favorite Stout ( 2012, 2013) has been infused with Nitrogen and is now on tap at Right Brain Brewery! 

So, what's the difference between CO2 carbonated CEO Stout and Nitrogen infused CEO Stout? Nitrogen, also known as "Nitro," is insoluble in liquid.  When Nitrogen is forced into beer, tiny bubbles rush to escape the liquid, which creates the cascading affect seen in the video above. The head on Nitro beers is thicker and creamier than their CO2 counterparts. 

Nitrogen complements malt-forward beers, which makes CEO Stout an ideal pairing. Nitro CEO Stout exudes creamy notes of coffee and chocolate, and yes, the head is firm enough to float a bottle cap. 

Nitro CEO Stout might receive limited distribution in the distant future, but for the time being, Nitro CEO Stout is only available in the Right Brain Brewpub. For a full list of beers on tap in the pub, click here!
Collaboration Day returns to Right Brain Brewery, and this year, one day just isn’t enough. The annual event begins Friday, February 12th, with the release of multiple barrel-aged beer collaborations and live music with The Moxie Strings. The Ann Arbor-based trio will take the stage at 7PM.
Festivities continue Saturday, February 13th, with the full release of Collaboration Day’s brews. Much like last year, Right Brain Brewery has teamed up with some of the most creative breweries, wineries, cideries, and distilleries in the Midwest. Collaborative brews from Blake’s Hard Cider, Denver Beer Co., Greenbush Brewing Company, Burn Em’ Brewing, 2 Lads Winery, 45 North Winery, Grand Traverse Distillery, and several others will all be available during Collaboration Day. ‘Top-Secret’ Right Brain Brewery employee brews will also be on tap.

This year’s collaborations are spectacular, featuring a peanut butter-bacon beer, a Belgian Dubbel aged in Port Wine barrels, bourbon barrel-aged beers, an ale brewed with toffee and maple syrup, a Belgian Saison blended with hard cider, and roughly ten other collaborations on tap at Right Brain Brewery during Collaboration Day. All collaborations are brewed with real ingredients. Extracts, flavorings, and any other unnatural ingredients are strictly prohibited at Right Brain Brewery. Collaboration Day beers will not be bottled or distributed, which means they will only be available at Right Brain Brewery.
Art Bomb’s second artist reception also takes place on Saturday, featuring live music and performance art throughout the day. Collaboration Day concludes with the Hot Licks and Cherry Jam Guitar Competition beginning at 8pm. Collaboration Day is family-friendly and there's no cover charge to attend. For more information, visit