CEJI Flash December 2016
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Welcome to the December 2016 edition of CEJI Flash, the quarterly bulletin of CEJI's work and achievements.

CEJI highlights

CEJI 25th anniversary

CEJI turned 25 this year! Thank you for everyone who contributed to our work of making Europe more inclusive during the past 25 years and for those who joined our celebration in the beginning of December. Download now the 25th anniversary brochure of CEJI.

Launch of the Facing all the Facts project

The first partners’ meeting and the official launch of the Facing all the Facts project took place in the beginning of December. The two year-long project aims to generate more efficient responses to hate crimes and hate speech at national level and beyond.

Registration is open for the Facing Facts online course

The first of its kind online course on hate crime monitoring is open for registration. Learn about about hate crime and its impact on victims and communities, as well as how to recognise and record hate crimes. The first six weeks are for free!

Why is hate crime monitoring important?

Watch our video about the importance of better recording and reporting hate crimes. Get to know more about hate crimes by watching this video explaining what a hate crime is. Spread the word and share our videos to raise awareness!

CEJI received the Actiris Diversity label

CEJI has been awarded with the Actiris Diversity label for its diversity plan. We are proud to be a leading provider of education and training opportunities that develop respect for diversity and the skills to succeed in a multicultural Europe.

Parliament of rights - educational kit developed by CEJI

This new online interactive tool developed by CEJI and its partner OBC Transeuropa aims at generating a greater understanding of the EU’s policy-making process using anti-discrimination legislation as a case study.

Workshops for Jewish and Muslim children

CEJI delivered four workshops for Jewish and Muslim children in Molenbeek in partnership with IMAJ. The workshops aimed at creating a cultural understanding and bringing diversity to local communities.
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Staff news

Our director, Robin Sclafani spoke at at the INACH Annual Conference on “Taking back the digital streets” on 17th October  and the Anti-Gypsyism conference organised by the Open Society Foundation on 15th November, as well as at the Roundtable on Disability Hate Crime organised by ENIL.
Our training coordinator, Stephanie Lecesne delivered five two day-long trainings to teachers on Overcoming Antisemitism and Overcoming Islamophobia across Belgium. Stephanie also presented at the OSCE-ODIHR meeting on education to combat antisemitism in Belgrade, Serbia. She also organised an intercultural Christmas on 17th December in Molenbeek.
Our Facing Facts coordinator, Melissa Sonnino, in addition to working on the Facing all the Facts project, developed the educational kit for the Parliament of Rights e-course in partnership with OBC Transeuropa. She also gave a training in about the edu-kit in Rovereto, Italy on 16th December. Click here to acces the course.
We welcome on board our two new staff members: Julia Mozer joined in the middle of October as Communication Officer and Sarah Lemaire, the new Project Assistant of the Facing all the Facts project joined the team of CEJI in the beginning of November.

CEJI in the news

EU lawmakers, Jewish NGO join forces to fight hate crime

"Noting a correlation between hateful discourse online and actual hate crime – including harassment, vandalism and violence – the initiative seeks to help law-enforcement professionals and civilian-society organizations better monitor and counter hate speech." Read the full article on The Jerusalem Post.

EU official says it can fight antisemitism without solid definition

"Katharina von Schnurbein, who last year became the first EU official to hold the title, defended the European Union’s ability to counter antisemitism in an interview with JTA at the Brussels headquarters of Google, where she attended the launch of the Facing Facts online course on hate crimes developed by the group CEJI." Read the full article on Forward.
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Jewish anti-hate crime effort launches with support of EU, social media

"An initiative to fight hate crime was launched on Monday evening at the Google offices in Brussels. The project is a collaboration between the European Commission, social media giants Twitter and Facebook and Jewish NGO CEJI." Read the full article on The Jerusalem Post.

Using online technology to beat hate

"Hate speech is easier than ever today, thanks in part to technologies that can spread anonymous, unverifiable smears and abuse around in an instant. So even if our laws and codes address racism, sexism and bigotry in advertising, traditional media, or political discourse, it is much harder to patrol the online world." Read the post of our director, Robin Sclafani on the blog of Euractiv.

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