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             May, 2013

Success Spotlight:

Colicky Baby

What is Colic?

A doctor will say that your "normal, healthy" baby has colic when your baby cries and remains fussy for more than 3 hours a day for more than 3 days a week for more than 3 weeks.  Now, the mothering school my mother put me through considered my baby to be colicky as soon as his stomach was tight with gas and he was crying from the discomfort.

Why does Azarriah C. Struggle with her Baby Formula?

Azarriah was 6 weeks old and she had been struggling with her baby formula since she was born.  At 2 weeks of age, I suggested naturally flavored peppermint candy dissolved in some warm water. This was very helpful because the peppermint would make her relax and be able to expel the gas easier. When she was 4 weeks old, I listened as she passed gas continuously and struggled with big burps that are hard for a month old baby to pass. I listened and realized that the gas she was expelling was being created in her intestinal tract!  So, I wondered, "Why is she MAKING so much gas?"

Why would a baby produce excessive gas after each bottle of formula?

I am always telling the Optimum Health Family members that your food should come out the other end unrecognizable.  When I looked in Azariah's diaper and saw what looked like clabbered milk, I knew that she was not breaking down her milk.  Clabbering milk causes a lot of gas!  Why would her milk clabber?  The only reason I could think of would be lack the of enzyme activity that should be breaking down the milk for her to use.  If the complex carbohydrate part of the milk is not broken down, it can eventually cause gas in her intestinal tract.  So the peppermint was only a band aid fix.  We had to address what might be her real problem: insufficient enzyme activity. 

How Do You Increase Enzyme Activity in a Newborn Baby?

This was a dilemma for me as I had never even thought about this before.  What would you do?  I decided to give her a tiny bit of Master Zyme enzymes and observe her closely for as long as possible.  Fortunately, this was exactly what she needed.  Immediately, her whole body relaxed and she went into a deep, peaceful sleep.  The surprise came with her next diaper change. 

Happy Baby

Enzymes Digested the Baby Formula as if it was Breast Milk!

Normally, the bowel contents of a formula fed baby has a bit of a repulsive odor and there is quite a bit of it in the diaper.  The contents of Azariah's next bowel movement had NO repulsive odor and there was very little that came out.  It resembled the bowel movement of a breast fed baby!  She became more alert and began to gain weight very quickly.  She was happy and began smiling.  She was even smiling in her sleep.  Of course, her parents were grateful to now have a happy baby!


Certified Detox Specialist Course

CDS Certification Students

Meet the Students:

These are our three students in the class.  From left to right: Amber Terrell,B.S., MSW,  Ayana Clark and Vanessa Butler.  Amber is Optimum Health's health kinesiologist.  Ayana is Optimum Health's receptionist and Detox Assistant.  Vanessa is a wonderful member of the Optimum Health Family who has sent many of her friends and family members to Optimum Health.  Vanessa purchased a detox machine a few years ago and has been using it in her salon while patiently waiting five years to take this course so she can better serve her clients. 

CDS Student interacting with someone in class.  Students interacting with clients

Course Update:

The class has been wonderful. The students study hard and have learned nearly everything they need to know.  They are now entering the clinical section of the course where they will begin putting everything they have learned to use and receive lots of feedback from clients willing to let them practice on them.  They will will take their certification test which has over 200 questions in June.

What this Means for you:

When you see these students at the center, please know that they have worked hard to earn the right to stand before you hoping to meet your approval.  Feel free to congratulate them on their progress.  Offer constructive criticism to help ensure that they will develop into outstanding professionals deserving of their titles as Optimum Health Certified Detoxification Specialist.  By all means, please let me know if you think there is anything that has been overlooked in their training.  Remember to be patient with them as they are peeping over my shoulders or struggling with fine tuning their clinical skills in their first few appointments with some of you.   

As always, your privacy is more important that any training that is offered at Optimum Health, so please, just let me know if you prefer not to participate in our certification program.


Graduation will be at our center on Sunday, June 16, 2013 at 5:00 p.m.  We will have light snacks together afterward.  If you are considering taking this course, please join us so you can talk to the graduates and find out if this course is for you.

RSVP by calling 804-677-6061.  You may leave a message if we are not available to answer.

The Next Class Begins September 19, 2013:

Register by August 30th and save $50!  For more information on the next course visit our website at the site below.


Livingsocial Feature

Feature Update:

We were featured for a week in December and for a week in March.  Nearly 200 people purchased vouchers with the intent of coming to our center to give us a try.  To date we have had about 60 of them come for their first appointment.  It has been wonderful.  Living Social has brought us more beautiful people who need just what Optimum Health offers!  It has been a pleasure introducing many of you to your new path toward optimum health!

Most are continuing to detox once a month.  A few have decided to get the physical exam natural health style and detox as often as is needed to cleanse their body as completely as possible.  Either way, 100% of those filling out the survey for LivingSocial indicated that they will return!  To date, 89% have given Optimum Health a thumbs up.  Here are a few of the comments written in the surveys:

"I had a great experience, yes, I will go back and will also refer others, fast and more than friendly service. "

"I learned so much in one visit. It was great. Can't wait for my next visit. "

"They offered additional preventive care information whereas most people would charge you for it & the staff was very personable & knowledgeable. "

"This was a wonderful and enlightening experience, my life is forever changed."

"I had never tried this before, and I have to say that I was happily surprised! It was very informative, relaxing, and I really felt a difference."

"The session was very informative. It is good to know that there are other alternatives for treating what ails the human body."

Livingsocial's Response to our Feature:

Livingsocial sent a card thanking us for featuring our center with their business.  Most importantly, they wrote on the card,"It is businesses like Optimum Health that make people anxious to open their emails and experience what Richmond has to offer!"  The card is in the office.  Ask to see it.  Maybe you will smile as much as I did when you read it.


Introduce your friends & family to Optimum Health


For the months of May and June, you can bring a friend with you and let them get their initial detox and yours will be free. That's right. Here is your chance to enjoy introducing your friends to a way to feel better and save some money too.  If you don't want your friend to pay full price for their first detox, then you can each pay half of the $75 and share the savings.


Mark Your Calendars

Mark You Calendar!

Livingsocial Feature:

We are scheduled to be featured in Livingsocial some time in the month of June.  So keep in mind that this means that we may get fairly busy for a month or two after that.  Again, if you feel inconvenienced in any way, let me know.  And, remember, to welcome the new ones.  Many of you have been sharing your stories with the new clients and telling them how much you have benefited.  You have also been very patient with them and answered their questions about the center.  We appreciate your willingness to do this.  This has been extremely helpful.  The new clients expect you to tell them the truth as you have nothing to gain by speaking to them.  

Thank you!

Open House:

We will have been at the center 3 years this fall.  We are celebrating this wonderful accomplishment with an Open House on Saturday, September 21, 2013.  This will be an opportunity for you to invite your friends, family members and coworkers to visit your natural healthcare center to celebrate with you.  Your friends and family members will get a goody bag with samples of our soap and protein.  Those you send or bring with you will have a chance to get a free detox if their name is drawn.  Each person will be toured through the 4 main rooms at the center getting an explanation of what happens in each area.  Jane Bridgeforth of Calming Touch will be on site giving chair massages for $1 a minute! 

Finally, start collecting your favorite healthy, beans and rice or beans and quinoa recipes to bring with you for sharing.  We will put some of the best recipes in this newsletter each month for the rest of the year.  Our goal is to help everyone to have so many beans and rice/quinoa recipes that a different recipe can be used every week so no one will ever tire of eating beans and rice/quinoa.

The Next Certified Detoxification Specialist Course:

Some of you have been asking that we have another class before next year.  So, here it is!  The next course will begin September 19, 2013 IF there are at least 4 students registered by August 30, 2013.  This will be 4 months of intensive studying.  Please use the link below to visit the website for details.


Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP        

A Word from Tianya:

Finally, I always love to know your thoughts about what is happening at the center.  So please, TALK TO ME!  You can call me (804-677-6061), or let me know what you think when you come for your next appointment or just send me your thoughts at

I would like to give special thanks to Charlene Bracey, Evelyn Dingle, Virginia Matthews and Althea Smauldon for always being willing to speak out and even be persistent when needed!


Tianya S. Clark, B.S., CNHP  
Natural Health Practitioner 


 Optimum Health


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