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Church Stage Design Ideas

Stage Design Tip

Using Black Space

We often focus on lighting in our stage design. But have you considered black or negative space when designing? A good graphic designer uses white space (in our case, black space) on the page to give the eyes room to rest and to separate design elements. A stage designer can use the same concepts to give the audience a rest from the action and to help each design element stand out from the rest.

This is one of the reasons I believe strongly in a black back wall and a dark room. Light shines brighter when it's surrounded by darkness. You'll get the biggest impact from your light when you're careful with the darkness too.

Weird Waves
Mark Yakey from Manchester Christian Church in Manchester, NH
Wafer Walls
Duke Dejong from First Assembly of God in Cedar Rapids, IA
Vent Your Frustrations
Lisa Masteller from C3 Church in Clayton, NC

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From Twitter

@VisualWorshiper - I dream of a church leadership that let's its artists plan a worship service. It probably won't have a 3-point sermon *gasp*
@joshcollesano - If you’re an artist/creative you must constantly ask ‘where is Jesus in my art?’ otherwise your attempt is rooted in vanity.
@b_rewster - Creativity is an act of worship. Treat the process that way. Do it unto God not ego.

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