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It was the day I discussed the European Single Market, and the place of the collaborative (and sharing) economy in it, with high level policy makers and business leaders such as Prime Minister Mark Rutte and CEO Gillian Tans. It was also the day where formally dressed businessmen giggled like children when wearing the newest tech VR glasses. My feeling after the Single Market Forum is therefore that both the ‪Single Market and the ‪collaborative economy break down barriers between people, thus creating more connections. Connections that may enrich our economies and societies. The two can make each other stronger, and get us closer to an inclusive European Union where everyone has access to all products and services, necessary for a connected, prosperous, sustainable, and happy life. With the recent political developments in the UK, this is now, more than ever, at the core of our mission at shareNL. Therefore we focus on developments in the collaborative economy in the EU, and abroad, which could break down barriers between people, create connections, and an inclusive world. That is why this issue of our shareNL insights has a global twist to it. Happy reading!

- Pieter van de Glind | shareNL
THE EU IS GETTING INTO SHARING by Paula Land - In a communication published earlier this month, the European Commission policy makers explain the key regulatory issues in the collaborative economy and provide policy guidelines for member states. A short spoiler: it focuses on topics that most of us find dry and even boring. But it is worthwhile understanding the main questions and suggestions raised by the Commission because they will determine the political discourse in the future and therefore affect stakeholders in the collaborative economy. That is why Paula summarized the most important points for you as short and spicy as possible. Read more... 
EMBRACING THE SHARING ECONOMY FOR GROWTH IN CHINA With a track record for growth, a transition towards focus on services in which the sector of the collaborative economy has become a large part, China is in a good position when it comes to embracing and utilizing the opportunities of this booming economy - how can they reach the full capacity of the collaborative economy? Read more...
'THE REAL SHARING ECONOMY' AT THE GLOBAL SHARING WEEK More than 220 events, over 70 countries, on every continent; the reach of the Global Sharing week this year was fantastic. With such prevalence, the Global Sharing Week helps millions discover the collaborative economy, and it invokes the highly debated topic of what the co-founders of the event, The People Who Share and Shareable, call the ‘real sharing economy’. Read more...
AMBER: AN ON-DEMAND SOLUTION ADDRESSING INDIAN HEALTH CARE Amber uses the Uber model to optimize and personalize the slow and unresponsive Indian healthcare system by synchronizing emergency transport and providing personal medical features and reminders at home. Has to be said: although disruptive and on-demand, both Uber and Amber aren't classified within the collaborative economy according to the shareNL ecosystem, but are represented rather as a business-to-peer service. Read more...
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'AIRBNB? THAT'S A CRAZY IDEA.' This was the general reaction I received when I started working on the collaborative economy in 2012. Over the past few years I've seen people's attitudes towards sharing our own homes change fast. It is clear that, for many of us, 'what is private' is being redefined. Read Pieter van de Glind's insights after his BPD workshop this week.
AMSTERDAM'S SHARING CITIES ROUND-TABLE Bloomberg reported about the Sharing City Round Table that the City of Amsterdam co-hosted with shareNL in May. Although Bloomberg mainly highlights the challenges, with vice mayors from cities like Paris, Seoul and New York, we certainly also addressed the opportunities. The first five principles drafted: social security; safety; sustainability; inclusiveness and data sharing. See also April Rinne's take
BREAKFAST AT THE AMSTERDAM MAYOR'S HOME. Last Wednesday we were invited to kick off a breakfast at the Amsterdam Mayor's Home with a keynote. In the room: CEOs and aldermen from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. It was a balanced discussion with a nice compliment as a dessert: vice mayor Kajsa Ollongren stated that she very well likes to work with shareNL.
wel ;)
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Technology and sharing has enabled the rise of the global village. After impacting the economy, it now challenges politics to find a new balance between global and local.

                                                   - HARMEN VAN SPRANG & PIETER VAN DE GLIND  |  the shareNL book 'SHARE'
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