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We are feeling a little French today, because this edition of shareNL insights is all about everything we saw, heard, tasted, did and learned at Ouishare Fest 2016 in Paris! In this issue, our team, including co-founders Pieter van de Glind and Harmen van Sprang, summarize the impressive experiences they had at OSF. We cover the blockchain buzz, the busted myth of silicon valley, and of course, the most important and interesting outcomes of our own workshops and round table sessions: we managed to take the 'gold rush' a step further by building international Sharing Cities and by creating interdisciplinary links connecting researchers and non-researchers - reflecting on the team's OSF highlights. So in case you missed OSF this year, not to worry: after this weeks' shareNL insights, you will be completely up to speed!
AFTER THE GOLD RUSH curious about everything that has been going on during Ouishare Fest? Follow the shareNL team’s journey throughout the festival! We set out to discover what's in the stars for the sharing economy after the gold rush: this years OSF theme. What we found was quite amazing. At the largest European conference featuring the sharing economy, the abundance of themes, questions as well as discussion was absolutely overwhelming. From urban agriculture to digital nomadism, from governments to start-ups; every topic got its share. The diversity at the fest really makes for its uniqueness: When you see the CEO of an international start-up usher into a sustainable eco-toilet, when at the breakfast bar the permaculture activist pours the renowned researcher a coffee and grabs a locally grown pear – you know you are at Ouishare Fest! While the main stage inside a circus tent hosted interesting key notes and panel discussion, the surrounding terrains were crowded with smaller interactive spaces for workshops, discussions and networking. And we have some good news: the OSF crew not only took some great pictures of the festival, but also recorded the most inspiring talks and key notes so that you can rewatch you favorite speakers, finally view the talks you didn’t get to see or simply truly enjoy the OSF vibe. Watch the videos here.
BRIDGING THE RESEARCH/NON RESEARCH GAP by Pieter van de Glind - during his experiences in the sharing economy shareNL co-founder Pieter van de Glind stumbled upon great disparities between researchers and non-researchers in the collaborative economy field. With the shareNL workshop 'After the Gold Rush' Pieter invited both parties to define their gold, start digging for those nuggets and finally craft new gold jewelery together. And here's what happened... 
BLOCKCHAIN BUZZ by Paula Land - Events about the blockchain enjoyed a lot of popularity during OSF 2016. In her blog, Paula invites you to learn how blockchain technology can help build trust and reputation for the collaborative economy, a feature that will become increasingly important as more and more people decide to collaborate.
COLLABORATIVE LEADERSHIP by Samantha van den Bos - What differentiates a leader from a boss? Who will be leading us into the future? The Internet of Things has accelerated how products and services come to the market, and challenges our organizations to keep up the rapid pace. A high demanding work environment, asking for a constant flow of creativity, flexibility, interdisciplinary skills and collaboration, requires strong leaders. Yet, this also means our organizational structures as we know them are shifting and borders becoming more fluid. So how do we deal with that?
shareNL NEWS    |   What more has the team been up to during the festival?
SHARING CITY GAME During our workshop “Designing a Sharing City”, we played the Sharing City Game: combining grass roots and grass tops level experience from both Shareable and shareNL. Instead of giving a talk about how we co-designed Amsterdam Sharing City – which is a very interesting topic as well -, we decided to have people experience themselves what it means to take part in the design of a Sharing City. And no better way, than to invite them to play!
PRACTITIONERS AND RESEARCHERS entered the conversation to bridge the gap between practice and theory during our second workshop. While the former are usually fast paced, always on the look-out for what’s new, the latter try to truly understand what is happening. In deep conversations and one-on-one walks over the festival area, they shared their insights and sketched the future of the movement. Learn about their key take-aways: the shiniest gold jewels that were crafted. Oh, and don't forget to click on the picture above for a cool visual!
WE ARE ALWAYS UP FOR A CHAT So we hosted a round table session to elaborate further on our workshops and exchange thoughts about the collaborative economy, sharing cities and collaboration. We expected to sit down and have a chat with a small group, but boy, did that turn out differently than we expected! We talked to a bunch of enthousiastic people and shareNL co-founder Harmen van Sprang is happy to share his thoughts on this exclusive meeting.
Let's break down the Silicon Valley myth, and do it your own European and collaborative way.

                                                       - NILOFER MERCHANT  |  business innovator
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