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This month, my mother and I arrived in Quito to give my brother a big hug. He has been doing research on the Galapagos islands and has been in Ecuador since September 2016. While I am here I will also speak about shareNL and sharing Cities. I gave a lecture in the middle of Ecuador's biggest project ever: Yachay, the (brand new) city of knowledge. Last week I did a keynote in Quito. It feels like an incredible journey and priveledge to get invited to speak around the world. To engage with so many people and learn from their experiences and cultures. And there is something that makes it all even more beautiful. During many travels over the last couple of months, friends and family have joined me. So thank you friends and family for joining me to places like Milan,  Japan, and Israel, and thank you Harmen for joining me almost everywhere. And of course, thank you brother for this two-week adventure in Ecuador. - by Pieter van de Glind
THE ART OF SHARING IN EDUCATION With a world around us transforming by the second, it is very unlikely we are able to predict the future our children will grow up in. To prepare for this uncertain reality, children should be handed not only the right tools and skills to be able to manoeuvre their way through  - tablets, 3D printing, coding, design thinking - , but they should also be equipped with the right 21st Century mindset. A blog by Samantha van den Bos.
ARE WE WIRED FOR SHARING? When it comes to car sharing, it might take some people a while to get used to the idea of not owning - even though it has many proven advantages. How do we rewire our brains to using instead of owning (Dutch)?
7 REASONS WHY YOUR CITY SHOULD BE A SHARING CITY Cities battle many issues, and recourses are often scarce to address these. The field of the collaborative economy has grown immensely, and as result, it has been wildly debated. But embraced and monitored by a city, it may provide just the solutions the city needs.
SHARING IN AMSTERDAM The sharing economy continues to expand globally, and Amsterdam is right there at the forefront. The city is home to a number of successful peer-to-peer initiatives and platforms across a wide variety of fields. Iamsterdam published a selection of in-depth articles that introduce them.
ABOUT ABUNDANCE AND SCARCITY What happens when a modern, tech-witty, city based mother of two spends a couple of days in the wilderness without any luxuries? Ananda writes about feeling estranged from abundance, and how the collaborative economy helps to get back on your feet (now also available in English)
shareNL NEWS    |   What else have we been up to lately? 
NEW FACES JOINING SHARENL We are happy to welcome a new partner to the shareNL circle: Replayce is an online toy library in Israel. The platform allows kids to play with "ever- relevant" best quality toys while saving time, money, storage space and waste. And although she might be a little too old for toys, our new addition to the team will help to make sharing more appealing to young people (yep, we have to face it: in some areas that's no longer us...). Ever-curious high school student Lenka (pictured above) has joined us past week to make a video about the collaborative economy. We are looking forward to sharing new insights with these great additions to the team!
MEETUP: COLLABORATIVE ECONOMY & BLOCKCHAIN You might have already seen our well read blog explaining blockchain. There still is a tremendous interest in the concept, and with good reason: the possibilities are endless. But there are still a lot of questions about the aspects of this relatively new system. During our next meetup, scheduled to take place in March, we will answer all your questions. There will be room to talk to experts in the field, as well as discuss practical and concrete solutions where sharing and blockchain go hand in hand. Keep an eye on our meetup page for the announcement of the exact date and time!
RE:FLECTION, WELCOME BACK HARMEN! "A new year calls for reflection. Am I still on par with my purpose and ambitions? Or did I take too many detours last year? Should I be more focussed? Or is flexibility key in this time of transition? What I did is take some time and kick off this year with a blank canvas. To concentrate on ‘my story for 2017.’ I’m so glad I did. I (literally) created space for creative and strategic thinking. Once back in the office I realize even more that this pocket full of inspiration and insights gives me an edge. Now it’s time to share my story with you. Happy to do so. See you soon?"
   "     "Nearly half of our jobs could be completely
wiped out by automation over the next 20 years or so"

Dr Michael A. Osborne | Oxford University’s Department of Engineering Science,  Dr Carl Benedikt Frey | Oxford Martin School
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