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The FROM THE GRAVE Art Contest

Oct 05, 2016 03:08 pm

To celebrate the upcoming release of Cynthia Reeg’s FROM THE GRAVE, we’re running the official FROM THE GRAVE Art Contest. The book is full of fantastic scenes and misfit monsters worthy of your art, but we’ve managed to restrain ourselves to just a few prompts.

1st Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card, a special feature on the Jolly Fish Press and Cynthia Reeg’s website, an autographed copy of FROM THE GRAVE, and FROM THE GRAVE finger puppets.

2nd Place: $25 Amazon Gift Card, 1 pair of child Green Dragon Wings, and a Frank-themed keepsake jar, complete with candy eyeball.    

3rd Place: $15 Amazon Gift Card, 1 pair of child Purple Dragon Wings.

Submission Guidelines:

• Send submissions to
• Subject heading must be formatted as following: "FROM THE GRAVE fan art submission: [Title of work]"
• In the body of the email, must include:   
Artist name;
Artwork Title;
Prompt Number;
Three sentence description of how the book's scene inspired the piece;
• Art must be submitted in .jpeg or .png file format, and must be 300 dpi in size
• Art dimension must be 2560 x 1024 px
• Submission open today, Tuesday, October 5th at 12:00 pm MST
• Deadline is October 28th 11:59 pm MST
• October 31st

Contest Rules:

• Submission must be based on some aspect of one of the prompts below;
• Submission must be an original piece by the submitting artist made for this contest;
• Keep in mind all submissions will be displayed on the author and JFP's websites ( and;
• JFP is free to use any of the submissions in our efforts to promote Cynthia Reeg’s FROM THE GRAVE;
• Contest open to US Residents only;
• Please direct any questions to;


1. The Misfit Monsters

Frank Gordon the Frankenstein

Frank is a Frankenstein with unusual blue skin, “Bright as a Moratorium morning sky.” Gordon has neck bolts, and is a neat dresser who prefers long sleeves to cover his skin.

Georgina the Dragon

“‘Ooops!’ I cried, clomping down on Georgina’s long, green, spiky tail. ‘Sorry,’ said Georgina, pulling in her tail and wiping up her wet snout. ‘You startled me.’ Georgina, a dragon, could only spray a hefty dose of water—not a flick of fire.”

Oliver the Mummy

Oliver is a kind, quiet, and smart mummy who does not like to wear his mummy wraps.

“In a flash, Oliver closed up the book in his hand and pulled out another tattered manuscript from his backpack. His unwrapped, wrinkled brown finger skimmed down the page.”

2. Principle Snaggletooth

“I had no choice—not if I wanted to give the others a second escape chance. So with a quivering hand, I slipped my forbidden comb from my pocket. There was no pretending then. I knew I sealed my doom. I took a practiced swipe and smoothed down my wet black hair. I tried to speak in the deepest voice a sixth grade Frankenstein could, but my words sounded more like a first grade goblin’s squeak.
“I’ve got a reputation to maintain,” I said loudly.
With that, the rest of my straggling classmates finally took their cue and scurried into school. That much of my impromptu plan had worked at least.  
“Enough!” shouted Principal Snaggle. With one strong swipe of his claw, he spun me around like I was no more than one of Oliver’s flimsy wraps. He held me by my stiffly starched shirt collar and forced me down to the water’s edge. My head dangled precariously over the moat. I hardly dared to breath for fear of falling into the murky water. Who knew what lurked there? And what was even worse, monsters—except for swamp monsters—didn’t know how to swim.”

3. The Demon Hours

Every night from 1:33 to 3:33, the untamed monsters are allowed to run wild.

“It’s only two hours, but you’d have less than a newt’s chance in the netherworld of making it out alive. The Demon Hours unleash the untamed monsters. There are no half-hearted snarls or gnashing of teeth. No punching or pushing or squishing. There is only death and destruction. Fangs and ferocity. Blood and guts.”

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