When you're scared to send, there are three steps that can help you soar into the unknown. 
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Prime Your Mind For Flow + Book Bonus
My home ski resort opened a couple months ago and what happened startled me.

I was... 
Glittering with glee.
Getting scared.
Overcoming fears.
And soaring into the unknown.   
Here’s what happened…
My day of skiing started out with total amazement. 

Somehow I was lucky enough to be the first chair of the season on the Sacajawea chairlift skiing fresh, untouched, and bottomless powder (120” snowfall, 60” base)!
After giggling in glee and being covered in soft, white frosting for over an hour, I stopped in the ski patrol shack to thank them for working sooo hard to get the mountain open. I ski patrolled at this ski resort so I knew what a pain-in-the-ass it was to get the mountain open.
One of the patrollers said they were going to open the gates to Das Boat, a north facing slope with a cliff band to ski over or slide through –if you chose to partake.
Das Boat is opening for the first time this season and ski patrol is inviting me to be the first to ski it…HELL YEAH!
The gate opened!

I slide through, smiling.

My line of choice was to ski Sven’s Rock.
I hadn’t skied Sven’s Rock since 2007.

In 2007, I was ski patrolling and there was a report that a male snowboarder hucked off a rock and was hurt.
I was the first ski patroller to respond to the scene.

I decided to ski to Sven’s Rock to look for the injured party.

Surprisingly, I noticed my roommate. She was trying to soothe our injured friend under the rock.
With my heart pounding, I hopped over Sven's Rock and safely skied to my injured friend.
After my medical assessment, I backboarded him and skied him out…he broke his back.
Fast forward a decade... 

I'm approaching Sven’s rock for the first time in 10 years.

I start to notice old feelings emerge.
My heart is racing.
My breath is quick and shallow
And the butterflies in my stomach storm around like a swarm of bees.
I was nervous.

Really nervous!

I was overtaken with anxiety -bombarded with the fear of getting hurt if I hucked over Sven's Rock.
I was scared, but I overcame my fear.

Here's how:

First, I told myself…
"You know how to do this. You are a sport psychologist.”
(p.s. speaking in 3rd person helps….you’re dooping your brain into thinking it’s someone else so you don’t take yourself so seriously)
Second, I acknowledged my nerves... 
“It’s normal to be nervous in this situation.”
Third, I did a risk assessment...
  • If I fell, I might not get hurt at all. Then, I’d get to ski some sick powder!
  • If I did get hurt, then it's probable that I’d get bruised. Worst case scenario, I would likely break a rib.
  • I decided that this was a risk I was willing to take.
Lastly, I did a quick evaluation to prime my mind for flow before I soared into the unknown.
Prime Your Mind for Flow: 
3 Steps to Send It
  1. Sigh: Stretching further than you believe you can reach is stressful. Breathing is one of the best ways to check in with your body and release any unnecessary tension. That's why the first thing I do to prime myself to send something is to take a deep, diaphragmatic breath in. Then, a conscious exhale where I make an audible sigh to release tension. 
  2. See It: I take another full breath to center myself (Note: I am able to breathe, calm down, and center myself within 1-3 breaths because I’ve been practicing this for a long time. It's called Cue Relaxation, details can be found in my book). Then, I imagine skiing my line with as much detail and as much confidence as possible. I sense that everything is going to be okay...just like it should be. Then, I commit.
  3. Statement: Finally, I tell myself the same thing I always tell myself when I’m scared and fearful, yet excited and committed to test my limits in skiing (and climbing and other peak performances)…"Breathe. Move. Breathe. Move.”
I begin to repeat the mantra in my head...“Breathe. Move. Breathe. Move.”
My skis start moving.
My breathing is deep and rhythmic.

I see my line.
I instinctively hop over the rock.
And I plop into deep, glorious powder.
This is awesome!
No matter what sport you’re in that feeling of transitioning from fear to flow is the same.

The moment before takeoff is exhilarating. 
And it never gets old.

If you’re looking for ways to fight your fears and win.
If you’re looking to fill your toolbox so you are better equipped to achieve amazing feats of mental and physical performance. 
If you’re looking for expert advice and actionable steps to be the strongest, healthiest version of sports, wellness, or all walks of life.
Then, I invite you to invest in your most powerful asset…your mind.
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I can’t think of a better way to spend your hard earned money than in mastering your mindset and strengthening it’s cabilities for success.

Personally, investing in myself has been my most reliable and most invaluable investment. 

So why not invest in you?

If you've read this far, then it's likely that this is something you’ve been thinking about.

There is no better time than NOW to take the plunge and start your journey to greatness.

I promise that I will put forth as much as you into getting you better.

Just email me! 
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