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Pausing is more powerful than pushing
The last time you heard from me was in February, I think?

That newsletter was hard for me to write. And even harder to send to you. 

For a high achiever where pushing is glamorized, it was difficult to admit that I needed to stop.

Then, I actually had to follow through with my words and the take steps to slow the eff down.   

Feeling utterly depleted and close to burn out, it felt like if I didn't do something NOW I was going to be diseased with a thyroid issue, cancer, or something of the like. That seems a bit dramatic. But that is what my gut was telling me.

Yet, I was hopeful.

I hoped that stopping would make me start again better and stronger than before.

And I was right! 

What supported me on this journey was creating a mantra, "Pausing is more powerful than pushing".

When things felt rushed, heavy, or overwhelming, I'd PAUSE instead of defaulting to my regular mode of pushing. And it's made all the difference.
  • I'm sleeping better.
  • I'm exercising on a consistent basis again...finally!
  • I'm training to climb the Grand Teton with my husband in August.
  • I created a group called Team Teton, empowering moms to have fun and get fit with kids in tow to role model vibrant health for ourselves and for our little ones. 
  • I've had interviews with Runners World, MyFitnessPal, Black Diamond Equipment, and Living Beyond 120 for my expertise in mental training (more on that in future newsletters). 

It takes a tremendous courage to do the things that make you uncomfortable.

But that is probably exactly the thing that you need to do!

Since I enjoy adventures, testing my limits, and exploring the depths and limits of who I am, prioritizing down time is uncomfortable. And it has NOT been that easy.

The important thing is that I show up and I do my best.

Some days I push myself too hard exercising my body or working my brain to run a business and I wake up at 2 am and struggle to fall back asleep.
So, I don't have it all figured out.

Slowly, I am learning to appreciate the slower pace. Go slow to go fast.

Scientifically, I remind myself of Newton's 3rd Law of Motion (Action & Reaction).

Newton's 3rd Law states that for each and every action there is an equal and opposite reaction which means that when a force is applied on one object then there is an equal and opposite force that is opposed by another object. 

Relating this to my situation, the force of achieving, pushing, and testing my limits needs an equal and opposite force of resting, pausing, and relaxing in order for me to reach a higher level of performance and health.

And I think the same might be true for you too?! (from one high achiever to another...wink, wink)

If you are interested in learning more about how to champion your inner excellence to achieve challenging goals...without destroying your health and well-being in the process...

...then I'd be honored if you joined join me for a FREE Event this Thursday.
Author Talk about my new book Elevate Your Excellence: The Mindset & Methods That Make Champions

Valley of the Tetons Library -Driggs, ID 

Thursday June 7 @ 6pm MST

I'd be psyched to see you refreshments will be served!
If you can't come, let me know!
  • Maybe I can figure out how to live stream it on Facebook or Instagram? I've never done it before but I'm always up for new adventures!

If you still can't make it and interested in learning more
  • Contact me for a FREE 20-minute Consultation. I'd love to help you uncover the holes, hurdles ,or hiccups holding you back and give you simple strategies you can use immediately to reach your full potential and enjoy yourself in the process.  

Until next bold, move mountains. 
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