Our society marvels at peak performances.

We are often amazed at athletes’ physical prowess and mental strength when they stretch their limits or how firefighters, surgeons or military personal have the ability to perform under intense pressure.

What's often overlooked in these situations is that peak performances are a result of consistent, systematic training of the "whole" person and not some innate quality an elite performer is born with.

Each of us has the capability to strengthen our mind, body, heart and soul to live and perform at an extraordinary level.

That's why the California Psychological Association reached out to me to present on my philosophy:


And I'm super excited.

I'll be presenting an integrated and holistic approach for optimizing health and human performance by melding ancestral wisdom with modern science that therapists, coaches and athletes can use for themselves and on the field.

This is my very first webinar presentation and I'd be so PSYCHED if you joined me tomorrow! 

I put hours into this webinar so it'll be well worth your time and money.

They'll be two Parts:

PART I: (10-11am PST, Friday 10/18/19)

Learning Objectives:

After attending Part I attendees will be able to:

  • Define Sport and Performance Psychology
  • Identify how ancient wisdom informs modern science and vice versa
  • Introduce and apply a simple map of the four-leg approach to peak performance: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
  • Differentiate between techniques such as imagery, breathing, and body movement and demonstrate how to apply these tools to integrate the mind, body and soul and reach optimal states of performance

PART II: (11am-12pm PST, Friday 10/18/19)

We will apply the four-leg approach in reaching peak performance to top performers, such as a physician and an elite rock climber. Case questions from the participants will help deepen our understanding on how to empower people to excel. The cases presented provide an opportunity to use science-based strategies as well as time honored traditions to boost performance and balance one’s life.

Learning Objectives:

After attending Part II attendees will be able to:

  • Describe an integrated and holistic system of care to reach a higher level of health, happiness and human potential
  • Develop real-world strategies to work effectively with high performers which can also be applied to other populations
  • Apply the four-leg approach utilizing the science, sacred wisdom, and clinical skills to case studies presented by Dr. Heilman and by participants

Registration Fees:

Division I Members:  Free

Others:  Part I: $30
             Part II: $30
             Part I and II: $50

CE Credits: Part I (1 CE credit)
                   Part II ( 1 CE credit)

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A lot of us know we are out of balance.


We have learned to adapt and tolerate our deficiencies or ineffectiveness.


Without balance –on a physical level, we stumble and fall down.

Without balance –on an emotional level, we experience physical pain or mental distress


With the rise of health care costs, I want to offer a structure to live and perform in balance that is found in nature and rooted in science. 

An ability to find balance is in nature…and there is a special number in nature and in the worlds wisdom traditions…and that common denominator is 4.

For example, there are 4 seasons, 4 cardinal directions, and 4 main moon cycles.

Together, the 4 different aspects that appear in nature equally contribute to the "wholeness" of the person.

I believe optimal health, happiness and high performance is not fully possible without a balanced, holistic approach –integrating the different aspects of our being …and getting them all to work together.

Below is a sneak peak of what you'll be learning in the webinar...


I hope too see you there!

Until next time...Be Bold. Move Mountains.


-Dr. Chris
Dr. Chris is a coach, speaker, author and athlete who, for the past 20 years, has helped empower people to go beyond their limitations to achieve peak levels of physical, mental and lifestyle performance. She's a skier, climber and endurance athlete herself, so she understandss the mental game not from the armchair, but from real life experiences. Learn more about Dr. Chris and how she can empower athletes, coaches and corporations here
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