Too much ambition robs of us of our health and performance. Learn how the Romans were able to achieve so much.
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It's Throwback Thursday!

This newsletter is an oldie, but a goodie.

I've never repeated a newsletter but thought this one was a timely message worth repeating.

Come into the mountains, my dear friend
Leave society and take no one with you
But your true self
Get close to nature
Your everyday games will become insignificant


I wrote this quote on my white board in 2007 when I started my PhD.
And I've never erased it.

It reminds me of what’s important -health, friends, family and quality of life.

Yet, driven by my ambition I continually outpace my daily intake of energy.

...Because my personality is more like the fast hare instead of the slow and steady turtle.

The Result
…I often dip into my energy reserves and become depleted.
I find that too much ambition and activity robs us of time to contemplate, relax and enjoy every good thing in life.
Sound familiar?

As Kirpal Singh, 20th century Indian Saint, put it: 
“Ambition is the thief of the spirit”
But, ambition is in my blood…and in the blood of the athletes and high achievers I work with.

We love to run, push and overachieve.
Ambition, while leading to some positive accomplishments, can also lead to stress, poor health and bad decisions.
How do we balance our ambitious drive?
Over the past several years, at each seasonal change I step away from my desk to rejuvenate.
The autumn equinox is Saturday September 22nd so…
....this week I take time to go into the mountains, my dear friends. take some time to balance my perspective and priorities.
This may seem unorthodox!
But, the great Roman society -known for their advances in architect, medicine and science, were able to achieve so much because they took leisure time.
Leisure, known to the Romans as otium, wasn’t a time for selfish pleasure.

It was time devoted to writing, reading, meditating, sharing thoughts and ideas, exercising, playing and appreciating nature.
Balancing ambition with leisure was a central tenet to the Romans success.
Achievement requires rejuvenation.

It’s my belief that a natural time to rejuvenate is with the rhythm of the seasons.
Every three months during the equinoxes and solstices, I take a break from writing, checking emails and networking to “vacate et videte” or "to be still and be seen" according to the Romans.
And I invite you to do the same.
Balance Your Ambition

This week schedule a time do an activity that allows you to be fully present -free of time, responsibility and burdens. Give yourself permission to read, play, contemplate or appreciate nature…like the Romans did.

Until next time...Be Bright.
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