"Every thought we have turns into matter in our bodies"
-Deepak Chopra

Huh, what?!  Can you please repeat that to me, Deepak?
[Insert scratching my head]

Every thought we have turns into matter in our bodies!

All of our body’s 50 trillion cells share our thoughts. Our cells are switching stations where we turn thoughts into matter.
Thus, our cells are constantly ease-dropping on our thoughts and being changed by them.
Well, I went down a rabbit hole to find out more…

The Science Stuff:

The human brain is the made up of over one hundred billion neurons.

These neurons are connected by trillions of synapses and each connection transmits roughly one signal per second.
Thoughts are triggered by external stimuli, such as something brushing your skin or hearing a memorable song.

The external stimuli that trigger the senses also trigger an eruption of electrical signals within the brain.
The electrical signals are transmitted through axons, which are long wave-like threads that connect to other neurons. The transmission between neurons, which create electro-chemical reactions, is what thoughts are made of.
For the purpose of understanding brain function, a thought is a state of matter stored in a neuron (or many neurons) which will be transmitted between other neurons.
Research suggests that thoughts are matter…substance of matter – they have weight (Mickey, 2014; Tegmark, 2014, 2019; Varpular, Annila, & Beck, 2013).
The state of matter consists of an arrangement of atoms.

For example, water, gas and ice contain the same atoms but their different states of matter are due to the arrangement of atoms.

Thoughts too have different states of matter just like water, gas and ice.

Water, gas and ice contain the same atoms but the arrangement of atoms are different in their varying states of matter (water, gas or ice).

Thoughts too have different states of matter just like water, gas and ice.

When water is exposed to human words, thoughts, sounds and intentions, the molecular structure in water transforms. 

Dr. Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist who's life work revolutionized the idea that our thoughts and intentions impact the physical realm, documents his scientific findings in his New York Times Bestseller, The Hidden Message in Water (2005).

Through Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology and high speed photographs, Dr. Emoto shows how water exposed to loving and compassionate human thoughts result in aesthetically pleasing physical molecular structures in the water.

When water was exposed to fearful and negative thoughts, the molecular structure of water resulted in disfigured formations.

See below the water crystal photographs from Dr. Emoto’s work:

Every thought we have turns into matter in our bodies.
Mind-blowing, right?!

Now, what does that mean?
The Real-World Stuff:

Because we are human beings –and are the only beings on the planet that can change our biology through our thoughts as well as our feelings and intentions, it is vital that we send ourselves positive messages.
[And send positive messages to our loved ones because it is Valentine’s Day]
In every moment, we have the power to choose.

We choose our attitude, effort and response to every thought, every feeling, every person, and every situation we encounter.
This is where our real power lies.
We can definitely nerd-out with psychology, neuroscience and quantum physics to understand thoughts have matter -and do matter!

Yet, a real-world strategy is understanding our power lies in every moment and in every experience.
Because with every experience we paint the masterpiece -or create water crystals, in our lives
–choice-by-choice, thought-by-thought.
Thus, when we create a healthy mind we create a healthy body –and a healthy world.
And when we approach our lives with a sense of curiosity, passion and joy we begin to embrace the co-creating power of the mind and body to optimize our health, happiness and higher potential.
That said... 

How can you greet every moment today with a little more love?

Because your thoughts matter!

A Very Happy Valentines Day to you and your loved ones.

Until next time...Be Bold. Move Mountains.

Dr. Chris

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Dr. Chris is a coach, speaker, author, and athlete who, for the past 20 years, has helped empower people to go beyond their limitations to achieve peak levels of physical, mental, and lifestyle performance. She’s a skier, climber, and endurance athlete herself, so she understands the mental game not from the armchair, but from real life experience. Learn more about Dr. Chris and how she can empower athletes, coaches and corporations here
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