Giving 100% and fighting for something you care about can take over your life and throw you off balance. Is an unbalanced life okay? 
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Is Being Unbalanced Necessary to Achieve Goals?
Elevate Your Excellence: The Mindset and Methods That Make Champions is the sport psychology book I've been diligently writing for a year and half. It is nearing it’s final stages and about ready to go to print!
I’m so proud of the book I’ve created.
But it has come at a price.
You see, pursing a challenging goal takes over your life.
When you are going hard and giving 100% to something you care about, it’s hard to be balanced.
Whether you are writing a book or striving to make it to the championship game, we become out-of-balanced –like an off kilter wash machine, because every ounce of energy goes into brainstorming, creating, experimenting, training, failing, making mistakes, improving, and mastering.
That means we don’t have much leftover energy and attention to give to other things that are important to us.
The process of writing a book gave me the opportunity to create something that I believe can impact the lives of those who are in the pursuit of excellence –whether that be in sport, exercise, business, or life.
But, I have to be HONEST
…it cost me my motivation to exercise
…it cost me my enthusiasm to do fun, fulfilling things with my husband and 3 year old
…it cost me my desire to hang out with friends
…it cost me my sleep –waking up at 2am with my mind churning
…it cost me my ability to kick back and relax
I’ve come to realize that anything worth fighting for is certainly going to throw you off balance.
And being unbalanced is okay.
In fact, it is part of life –despite what we are conditioned to believe.

An unbalanced life is merely a season.*

Let’s be real…it can’t ALWAYS be summer and sunny outside.
As the season shifts to autumn tomorrow, it’s natural the weather is changing, the temperature is crisp, and the leaves turn into brilliant orange, red, and yellow.
Just like the seasons, different areas of our life,–whether that be physical, mental, vocational, emotional, social, are ever changing and always shifting.
Although I know the seasons change, I don’t particularly like that so much of my energy went into writing a book. Because I chose to prioritize the book over self-care, I am frumpy and not fit from my lack of exercise and sometimes I feel like a piss-poor mother/wife for not spending enough time with my family.

But, I try not to sweat it.
Because this is sometimes how our biggest dreams and boldest goals get accomplished.
I also remind myself that this is the season I am in and the price I paid to pour my heart and soul into something I love.
And you know what?!
The seasons will shift again.
Not too far from now the book will be in print and my focus will shift to fitness, family, and friends.
In the meantime, I am accepting and appreciating this season for what it is –an opportunity
…to face my fears of not feeling worthy to write a sport psychology book,
…to test the depths and limits of who I am,
…and to discover new strengths I didn’t know I had.  
Like the annual growth rings on a tree, it was a season of tremendous progress and development. And for that I am thankful.
As Vince Lom­bardi, the legendary coach of the Green Bay Packers, describes my sentiments for the will to excel, commitment to expand, and desire to be a champion:

“…I firmly believe that any man’s finest hours—his greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear—is that moment when he has worked his heart out in good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle—victorious.”

I also know that staying with this type of intensity is not sustainable.  
Much like periodization (systematic physical training in sports), when we stress the mind and then let it recover we are better able to grow, find new ideas, and have breakthroughs.  
As the trees begin to shed their leaves, I’m also looking forward to taking a break from a great growing season and resting and reflecting next week (I attempt to take a week of leisure at every season change, see The Roman's Secret to Optimal Performance).
My hope of this newsletter is that through my struggles and reflections you are better able to enjoy the current season of your sport, of your fitness, of your personal development, of your career, of your family, etc., etc., etc.

And honor where you’re at right now!

Before too long the seasons will change again.
*This was inspired by
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