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3 Opportunities to Change for the Better
In this post, rather than reading what I've research I thought it'd be fun to share with you three interviews I've been featured in: 

1. Living Beyond 120 Podcast:
How lightness, play and flow states help you navigate through physical and mental challenges. 

2. Training Beta Climbing Podcast:
How using imagery, setting realistic goals and letting go of limiting beliefs can change your mindset for the better. 

3. My Fitness Pal Article:
How to maximize your recovery days to avoid burnout and harness motivation.

More details below...
Living Beyond 120, a podcast discussing the science and skills about the human body’s potential for extending both life and health span well past what most people accept as biological fact. Living Beyond 120 interviewed Dr. Chris Heilman about her own professional experiences, motivations, and how she finds balance in her life to maintain happiness. In Mindset Over Matter, Dr. Chris explains what her mantra “pausing is more powerful than pushing” means, talks about overcoming negative thoughts in training, and discusses the concepts of lightness, play, and flow states and how that helps you navigate through a number of physical and mental challenges. Listen Here.

Thoughts from NOLS instructor, climber, and current Mindset client, Josie...

"I’ve been thinking a lot about you [Dr. Chris] lately and just wanted to reach out in gratitude.

I’ve been climbing and trying to stay fit (both mentally and physically) -not for anything specific, but more with the goal of getting better at some specific weaknesses. And focusing on little wins in dealing with stress and having more fun.

I’m headed down to Patagonia and just listened to your podcast on TrainingBeta. It’s amazing how much of what you said resonates with me right now. I had made up my mind that this trip was about working on my mental game in the mountains. To work with my fears, to be more present, to enjoy the little wins instead of worrying about summits.

And you know what? I haven’t even arrived and I already feel successful. Thank you for all that you do."  -Josie

(p.s. Josie's written a piece about this adventure...hopefully Lab Rat in the Mountains comes out soon!)
If you’re interested in listening to how to use imagery, set realistic goals, perform under pressure, and let go of limiting beliefs to change your mindset for the better, please click TrainingBeta Podcast.

Dr. Chris is interviewed by MyFitnessPal on ways to maximize your recovery days to avoid burnout and harness motivation, health, and fitness.  

Until next time....Be Bold, Move Mountains!

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