10th January 2022
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It seems like almost everyone around is getting sick, but thankfully so far the hospitalizations haven't increased proportionally. We are okay for now but it does feel like it's going to be quite tough to avoid this variant isn't it?



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*As of market close

  • Markets: Headline indexes Sensex and Nifty50 switched between green and red a number of times on Friday, before settling with a small gain to end the first week. Global investors seem cautious because of the Omicron variant and the changing macroeconomic environment.


Mukesh v/s ANIL

This is a bit of a funny story because Gautam Adani has plans to take on fellow billionaire Mukesh Ambani's green energy plans with ANIL.

No, not Mukesh's bro Anil, but a new subsidiary called Adani New Industries Ltd or ANIL for short.

ANIL will take up green hydrogen projects, generation of low carbon electricity and manufacture of wind turbines, solar modules and batteries as the Adani group aims to become the world's largest renewable energy company and produce the cheapest hydrogen.

In November, Adani had announced that his group will be investing $70 billion (Rs 5.1 lakh crores) in renewable energy projects over the next decade. 

And while his other group companies like Adani Green Energy and Adani Transmission are already spending billions to become even bigger now they have ANIL also to put money into.
The Adani group is the world's largest solar energy player with 12.32 GWac(Gigawatts AC) capacity, more than what the whole of the US had in 2019. 

ANIL will develop and operate projects for the synthesis of low carbon fuels and chemicals, generate carbon electricity and will manufacture key components for projects including generation of green hydrogen, related downstream products, electricity generation, manufacture of wind turbines.
ANIL will also manufacture solar modules, batteries, electrolyzers and other related upstream stuff.

All this seems great for both the economy and the environment, and also in line with what the government has planned.

At COP 26 in Glasgow, the PM announced 2070 as India's target year to reach net-zero carbon emissions and a bunch of other very ambitious, climate targets for 2030.


Trip To NYC!
New York

More Reliance-Ambani related news!
Reliance Industries series of acquisitions continues and the latest on their shopping list is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in New York.

RIL has apparently agreed to indirectly buy a 73% stake in the hotel for $98 million (~Rs 730 crores)

Reliance Industrial Investments and Holdings, a wholly-owned unit of Reliance Industries, will buy the entire issued share capital of Columbus Centre Corp., a company incorporated in the Cayman Islands, which indirectly owns the stake in the luxury hotel.

This is their second recent hotel deal, with the first one being the acquisition of UK-based Stoke Park Limited, which owns and manages a hotel, and sports and leisure facilities in Buckinghamshire, for $79 million in April.

RIL seems to be diversifying its investments within the consumer services space. Along with these 2 foreign hotels, RIL also holds a stake in EIH Limited in India, the flagship company of the luxurious Oberoi Hotels.
And last week Reliance invested $200 million in Dunzo, which serves consumers in an entirely different way.

It seems there is no stopping Mukesh Bhai for now, and we're actually considering a separate section for Reliance news in the newsletter 


Back The Hype
New York

We always keep talking about the next big thing in tech. For now, it seems like everyone is thinking it's going to be the metaverse. (You all probably remember how Facebook is now Meta).
Whatever the metaverse will be it does seem like AR/VR is going to be a big part of it.

One of our AR companies – Avataar has now gone on to raise $45 million.

You know how when you are shopping for some furniture etc online and you're just thinking hmm I wonder how that would look at home?
Avataar helps solve this. They provide D2C brands and e-commerce marketplaces the tech to provide AR experiences while purchasing.
Their tech is so simple to embed that brands don't have to make any major changes to their tech stack.

We've seen a growing number of companies use tech like this. 
Avataar are already working with companies across e-commerce, consumer electronics and even FMCG companies. We aren't too sure about which FMCG companies are using this tech.

But can you imagine asking to see a Lays packet at home and getting happy at how big it is only to realise it's all air? Come on Avataar be responsible.

Anyway, it looks like this trend is only projected to grow from here. Snap seem pretty big on the space also so it will be interesting to see Avataar's journey.


Meanwhile, a company that's working on one of the other 'in' things also just raised money.

Rupifi the startup that provides BNPL for marketplaces just raised $25 million.

Instead of offering consumers a BNPL option, Rupifi provides businesses with a BNPL option.
How they do that is by embedding the product on over 20+ B2B marketplaces where these merchants purchase like Flipkart, Jumbotail, Walmart etc.

Small businesses that transact on these platforms need the money they get from selling their existing inventory so that they can buy again. So offering a BNPL solution to them is really helpful to manage their working capital needs.

Rupifi uses the partner's marketplaces data to underwrite the loan. They plan on doing a lot more going forward and not just offering BNPL.

We also expect to cover a lot more B2B BNPL fundings soon!

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