14th January 2022
Good Morning! 

Happy Friyayyyyy and a very happy Makar Sakranti and Pongal to all of you who celebrate!

A few of our dear readers pointed out an error in yesterday's edition of The Gyst - the correct market cap of TCS and Infosys is Rs 14.4 lakh crores and Rs 7.9 lakh crores respectively. We had mentioned Rs 1.4 lakh crores and Rs 79k crores, sincere apologies for that!



+ 0.14%



+ 0.25%



- 0.04%



- 0.16%



- 3.1 bps



- 0.61%

*As of market close

  • Markets: A 5th straight green day for our headline stock indexes Sensex and Nifty50. Oil & gas and metal stocks did well but banking names were down, limiting the market's upside


Greed Is NOT Good 
Wolf of Wall street

Are you part of any Whatsapp/Telegram group that says they offer stock advice on what to buy and what to sell?

Well, you may want to double-check the credentials of the people involved, because SEBI apparently is very unhappy with some of them.

In fact so unhappy that they actually shut down a pretty large Telegram group called 'Bull Run 2017'. And they had good enough reasons to shut it down.

Apparently, the operators of this group (which had 52,000 members btw) used to first take positions in stocks, and then go out and recommend them to their subscribers. And these were mostly small-cap stocks that had low trading volumes, and so could be easily manipulated.

The retail traders would then jump into the stock, pushing its price up and this allowed the operators to make money since they'd already bought in before. This is what's called 'frontrunning' a trade and is illegal.

SEBI has been investigating such groups and forums on places like Reddit, Telegram, Instagram and Facebook. In December 2021, officials had conducted multiple raids in various parts of Gujarat, where 'Bull Run 2017' was headquartered.

After investigating, the regulator has issued orders against 6 people for indulging in unfair trade practices. They apparently made a gain of almost Rs 3 crores doing this, and will now have to pay it back.

Well, the stock market seems like an 'easy' way to make money for a lot of people, but in reality all these Gordon Gekko/Wolf of Wall Street type of things end up landing people in trouble. Buyers beware!


Another One Joins The Club
Money gun
2 weeks into the week and we already have our 3rd unicorn of the year.
Any guesses what sector this unicorn operates in?
Pat yourself on the back if you guessed ed=tech. Cause we have our first ed-tech unicorn of the year.

LEAD has raised $100 million and is now valued at $1.1 billion.

LEAD is probably one of the startups you guys as professionals/college students haven't heard of. They aren't into disrupting the schooling system here by upskilling or providing online classes they actually try to work with schools instead.

They provide schools with an integrated platform where they can literally do everything to manage their school.
This includes curriculum management, smart classes, teacher training, ERP and even helping them secure inventory like books etc directly from the source.

The founders talk about believing how “If India has to achieve its true potential, its schools have to significantly transform so that every child can achieve their true potential." And schools are where kids spend their most time so helping them improve operations is the best way as per them.

So far whatever they are doing has got them some pretty decent traction, they are now in 5,000 schools here and a lot of these are schools catering to the lower-income groups.
Fun fact we have 1.5 million schools in India!!

The Takeaway

Lead is now the 6th ed-tech unicorn here.
While their other fellow unicorns are definitely helping making lessons more easily available the fact is for a lot of lower-income households their offerings can still be unaffordable.
That added to the fact that it isn't necessary for lower-income households to have a smartphone for their kids to access easily so helping out schools does seem like a great idea.
We hope Leap achieves its mission in helping out improving the education system here.

On a Lighter Note

Campus Ambassador Program

If you are a college student do check out our campus ambassador program. 
For more deets check this out.

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