6th April 2022
Good Morning! 

Elon Musk has now joined the board of directors of Twitter. This was announced yesterday, a day after his ~9% stake in the company became public. 

Twitter CEO Parag Agarwal tweeted that he's looking forward to working with Musk. But considering Musk hasn't been happy with the way the social media company is being run (he's been tweeting about it for months now), the internet was quick to post a bunch of memes about the CEO becoming the first casualty.



- 0.72%



- 0.53%



- 0.55%



+ 0.05%



+ 0.2 bps



+ 2.53%

*As of market close

  • Markets: Sensex and Nifty50 were down yesterday, breaking a 2-day winning run. The HDFC stocks cooled off after the big gains on Monday's merger news and kinda pulled other financial shares lower too.


Supply Chain Issues - India Edition
Steam engine

Coal Supply
Another coal supply crisis seems to be coming up here in India, just before we enter the peak summer season.

Coal India is apparently restricting coal deliveries to some industrial users, and is prioritizing power plants because of supply issues. And these are mainly being caused by a new railway line that's being constructed and is expected to be completed by March 2023.

Industries, primarily aluminium producers use a lot of coal for their own electricity generation, and Coal India's supplies to them are running 17% lower than average. AS a result, many such companies were forced to buy coal at a 400% premium in March.

Also, globally shipping prices are at all-time highs, making imported coal expensive too, and this is making aluminium producers nervous, especially because they were hit by coal shortages last year too.

While buyers might try to use trucks instead of trains to carry coal, the difference is huge - a truck can carry 25 tons at a time, whereas a train brings 4,000 tons!

Car Sales
Passenger Vehicle (PV) sales in India came down 5% in March 2022, compared to March'21. Sales were down and global supply chain issues are likely to keep waiting periods very long, as per the President of FADA.

Semiconductors have been in short supply for a long time now, and the Russia Ukrain war, plus fresh lockdowns in China have made things worse.

While the likes of Maruti and Tata Motors actually saw decent growth in their sales, management of both companies highlighted supply chain issues as a key concern going ahead..
2-wheeler sales were also down last month, 


Tech Fundings
Money gun

Vested Finance just raised $12 million.

Vested helps with something we've seen a lot of people ask us about - How to invest in the US stock markets.
They've partnered with 35 brokers, fintechs and wealth management firms and help customers invest easily in the US stock market.

They claim to have processed more than $250 million in transactions in 2021 and have also tripled their deposits.

We do think there is quite a lot of demand to invest in the US stock markets. Vested plans on making educational content that makes it easier for the average retail investor here to understand things and invest.

Not a Phoolish investment

Do you remember when Alia Bhatt was on Koffee with Karan and she made a faux pas? Plenty of people were of the opinion she's a bit foolish then, but her investment in is proving that she isn't that Phoolish (sorry sometimes we can't help the bad puns). has raised $8 million. This is after Alia Bhatt invested in it in 2021. converts floral waste into charcoal free luxury incense products like sticks(aka agarbatti), candles etc.

They've now also developed an alternative to animal leather from this tech they use for creating incense products. Phool is quite active both in India and internationally too.
Their products have clearly clicked so far - Phool claims to have seen 130% year-on-year growth last year. 

It'd def be interesting to know how much of their demand is international vs how much of it is comes from India.

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