Mega-mixer tomorrow, wine-cheese-beer-pickles, earth surfers and more..of course.
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Elon Musk has done it again.  He has taken a concept that was otherwise slogging along, elevated the conversation, raised the bar and shaken things up. After taking on digital payments (Paypal) and space launch vehicles (Space X), he thankfully turned his sights on our woeful transportation system with his new solar powered "Hyperloop" concept that aims to get people from Los Angeles to San Francisco in 30 minutes. Will it work? No one really knows exactly, but isn't this exactly the type of ambition, conversation and challenge we need to take on?  
With massive environmental and social challenges right in front of us, we should ALL be challenging ourselves, our colleagues, our companies, our organizations and our government to rise to meet them with inspired solutions.

We need to fundamentally shake up our systems, get out of our comfort zones, take some risks, fail a few times and keep at it until we find success.  

Mega-Mixer featuring Santa Barbara Green Drinks, Santa Barbara Young Professionals and the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce, @The Anacapa Project,
Thursday, August 15th, 5:00pm - 8:00pm 
We are teaming with the Santa Barbara Young Professionals and the Goleta Valley Chamber of Commerce to bring together a broad cross section of the community for incredible food, drinks and connection.  The first 250 people receive a "Tasting Passport" that will allow you to partake at The Lark, Les Merchand, Figueroa Mountain Brewery, Area 5.1, and Riverbench Winery & Vineyard.  We already have over 400 RSVP's for this event and the Passports are first come, first serve.  Tell them you are with LoaTree or Green Drinks!  Check the details here.
Wine, chocolate, pickles and beer?  It's a party in your mouth Thursday, August 22nd.

We'll be reprising our Wine & Chocolate, Beer & Pickles event on Thursday, August 22nd at Carr Winery and Telegraph Brewing Company.  $10 ticket includes an incredible array of chocolate, bread, cheese, pickles and the like. Then we'll have our next Green Drinks - SOL Food Fundraiser at the Environmental Defense Center Courtyard on September 17th. Finally, if you want to exhibit at SOL Food, make sure you reserve your spot by Friday to avoid late fees! Click here

Finally...don't forget about the upcoming Fermentation Festival on Saturday, August 24th at Fairview Gardens.  Info here.
SOL Food Sponsors -
Special Thanks

Four years ago, the SOL Food Festival was a simple idea..let's celebrate sustainable, organic, local food.  Four years later, we are near 7,000 people and an important meeting place of the good food movement. Although the festival is free to attend, it is not free to put on.  To that end, we want to give thanks to these companies who help make it possible. All of our sponsors are here.

Welcome Aboard!

Ali Palmer, LOA Program Intern

Ali is currently a third year at UCSB.  She is acquiring a BA in Environmental Studies with an emphasis in Communications. Since moving to Santa Barbara, she has developed an appreciation for the city and how the community can be involved in making a more sustainable world.  Ali is also interested in the world of marketing and communications.  Thus, she aspires to use her communication skills with a career that embodies environmentally conscious living and business. 

Ali is also a member of the UCSB Cross Country and Track teams.  She is often seen running the bluffs and beaches of Santa Barbara, but in her free time she enjoys yoga, running, and spending time with friends.


On a sad note, we bade farewell to the force of nature, LOA Program Associate Abby Wolff, who leaves us to study at the London School of Economics.  We'll miss you Abby and deeply appreciate your work on behalf of team LOA..we know our paths will cross again!

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Earth Surfer - An Interview with Dave Rastovich.

“Live clean, let your works be seen.” The words of reggae legend Peter Tosh succinctly capture the lifestyle of one of surfing’s most inspiring eco-statesmen, David Rastovich. While he prefers staying out of the limelight, his actions towards planetary protection both in and out of the water make Rastovich one of surfing’s most ardent environmental ambassadors. - Read more. 
Seeds of Change - Building the National Young Farmers Coalition
There’s a new movement growing in the fields, gardens and backyards of America. The vision of a lone farmer, isolated by geography and a hardscrabble existence, has given way to a new generation of agrarians organized under the National Young Farmers Coalition (NYFC). Mobilizing young farmers nationwide, the NYFC hopes to aid farmers now – for their future. - Read more.
Social Innovation and Resilience - How One Enhances the Other (Stanford Social Innovation Review)

By juxtaposing the old and the new, the technological and the social, and the political and the economic, social innovations build a resilient social-ecological system. With the earth and its ecological systems pushed close to planetary boundaries, we need innovative solutions that take into account the complexity of the problems and then foster solutions that permit our systems to learn, adapt, and occasionally transform without collapsing.  Read more.
Moving, shaking, grooving and making things happen,

David, Eric, Abby, Aaron, Cris, Joy, Alina, and Ali
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