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Greetings fellow reader...

Are you familiar with of any of the following names: Endosulfan, Chlorpyrifos, Diazinon, Disulfoton, Methyl parathion, Triadimefon, and Cypermethrin? 

No? Well, guess what? You could be unknowingly ingesting them when you drink your next cup of joe!

These chemicals are just some pesticides that are typically used on coffee farms in tropical countries. If minute amounts can cause death in wildlife exposed to these pesticides, how do you think it's going to affect your health?

Many pesticides cannot be easily degraded and excreted from our bodies. Cumulative exposure to certain pesticides has been linked to numerous diseases from deformities to neurological degeneration to cancer. Why take the risk?

Read more about Toxic Pesticides and watch this video on How Pesticides Affect Your Health.

Organic food is not necessarily free of pesticides, as "organic pesticides" are allowed in organic food. The only way to know is to find out directly from the farmers on how they manage pests. But at least you know organic is better than conventional in regards to nutrient density (as well as being free from genetic modification). Biodynamically produced food and wild food are superior to organic food.

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Jamie Ann

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