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Food For Your Skin

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, believed “Let medicine be thy food and let food be thy medicine.”  Like Hippocrates, many health professionals today believe in a holistic and natural approach to healing a variety of ailments; including your skincare.  There is some truth to the myth ‘you are what you eat’, because studies have shown that certain dietary habits have a large impact on the condition of the skin.  Having said that, natural skincare with an all-around approach is the route to take for an effective and completely safe regimen.
Since the skin is a permeable barrier, whatever is used topically can still be absorbed by the body.  Using natural beauty products prevents any absorption of potentially harmful chemicals or other substances.  Similar to the guideline that a diet high in processed foods is bad for your health, a beauty regimen that is full of chemicals can be irritating, cause breakouts and potentially be harmful to your health in the long run. A good way to look at your skincare regimen is as a diet for your skin.  How you “feed your skin” both topically and orally makes an impact on its outward appearance.  A comprehensive assessment of your lifestyle, habits, diet and other aspects can give a good view of how to best approach your skincare needs in a natural way.  Natural, handmade skincare products such as those by Skintritious not only teach you how to eat right for your skin, but they give your skin just the right kind of TLC to allow you to achieve your best looking skin this spring.

By Megan Hagar, Skintritious Owner

Feed your skin right from the inside and out….naturally.

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There are so many people who have diabetes now, chances are you know several people who are diabetic. The good news is that diabetes is preventable and can even be reversed!

Do you have cravings for sugar and are always tempted by sugary or starchy foods? Did you know that sugar addiction is quite similar to drug addiction? In a study, mice were given a choice of sugar or cocaine and the mice actually preferred the sugar over the cocaine. There are also people who binge and have eating disorders who have been successfully treated with opioid antagonists - drugs used to treat drug addiction!

Craving Sugary Food?
So many of us have cravings for sweet food (and salty food as well). Cravings can be physiological and/or psychological. One of the physiological reasons for cravings is that we have developed such a high tolerance for certain tastes that we don’t know what it’s like to have our palates cleansed. Most of the prepared or processed food we consume is overwhelmingly sweet and/or salty. One thing you can do is to lower your threshold for these tastes gradually. If you have cravings for sugar, try going without sugary snacks (and sweet food in general) for several weeks and then try them again. You will notice that when you do have something sweet after all that time has passed that it is sickeningly sweet, so much so that you would probably spit out that food ...Read more

How's Your Blood Sugar?

It’s time for your annual exam and you are thinking that you should get your cholesterol, weight, and blood pressure checked or perhaps you just want to see how you are doing overall. Let’s face it – there are a million things that we tend to worry about when we see our doctor for our annual exam. You may be asking yourself if you’re going to get a clean bill of health or maybe you’re wondering if your condition has improved or if all those medications you are taking are paying off. You might have multiple medical problems that are complicated or some of you are fairly healthy or some of you are let’s face it…so-so. In addition to the other crucial lab tests that you get with your annual exam, what is becoming more routine now is the HgA1C test (also known as glycosylated hemoglobin). What is this weird lab test that looks like a string of letters and numbers? ...Read more

I'm happy to announce that Dr. Margaret Apostol, a family physician at Ohio State University Medical Center, will be contributing her valuable insight through articles and will also be available to answer questions you may have. You can email her at 

Now that spring is here, it's a great time to go visit local farms and farmers' markets to get your produce. Get some sun, get your fresh veggies and maybe meet other health conscious individuals! See the Food Directories to locate a farm or farmers' market near you.
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