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Kare Kare

New Recipe: Filipino Oxtail Stew (Kare Kare)

This exotic and warming stew is a common dish in the Philippines and is perfect for the cold weather. Even in tropical countries like the Philippines, people regularly consume hot stews and soups traditionally made from bones and cartilage...READ MORE

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Happy December folks! Hope you're enjoying the holiday season...

Have you come down with the cold or the flu or are there people around you at home or at work that may be sick? It is possible to be exposed to cold and flu viruses and not get sick if you follow a comprehensive nutrition plan that will keep your immune system functioning at it best. What you eat is so important because the nutrients in food are the very building blocks of all the cells in your body.

Sometimes it’s okay to get sick and let the illness run its course – this actually strengthens the immune system. But if you’re like most people, rather than do nothing and suffer, you want to take care of your cold or flu as quickly as possible.

Do you take commercially available cold or flu formulas to help you get through your illness? They may work for some but not for others. Some are quite useless and only cover up the symptoms without supporting your immune system.

Here are my Top 10 Cold & Flu Remedies that will boost your immune system, help shorten the duration of your cold or flu to as little as a few hours (this, of course, depends on how healthy you really are) and help you recover better.

You may need to do several of the aforementioned or all depending on the severity of your cold or flu and how strong your immune system is. Continue to take the above remedies until a day or two after all symptoms cease, NOT when you start to feel better. You want to make sure you have gotten rid of your cold or flu. If you don’t feel better after trying these recommendations after a week or two, you may have something more serious than a cold or flu and should see a health care practitioner.

Although most of the above recommendations are safe for most adults, everyone is different and might not respond favorably to one or several of these remedies. It’s important to try one thing at a time and if you experience any side effects from any one of the above, stop that remedy immediately. The above remedies should not be used for children or for the long-term.

Remember, if you get sick often, you may want to see a health care practitioner well versed in nutrition to create an individualized and comprehensive nutrition plan that will keep you in an optimal state of health.

Hope this helps you get through the cold and flu season!

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