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Regular consumption of fermented vegetables are a good way to get a sufficient amount of probiotics without having to spend too much money and to also not become solely reliant on expensive probiotic supplements that may or may not work. If you can get your nutrients from foods instead of a pill, why wouldn't you choose the food? You can purchase fermented vegetables at health food stores, but why not make you own? It's relatively easy and you can control exactly what goes in your batch. It is also quite economical. You can make one large batch that can last you a year (and it won't spoil!). You don't need anything fancy like a special fermentation crock or your own cave as some people are led to believe. You need large glass jars (preferably kilner or mason jars), basic kitchen utensils and patience. See my recipe for curtido, the Latin American version of sauerkraut. 

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Spring is almost here! I'm looking forward to the longer days and warmer temperatures. Allergy season is also just around the corner so spring may not be a good time of the year for certain people. I myself have had seasonal allergies but have found natural ways to suppress my allergies because over-the-counter and prescription drugs only give temporary relief not to mention that they have many side effects that I don't want to subject myself to. When you address only the symptoms, your results will be superficial. When you address the underlying causes, you're more likely to achieve better results that can be sustained because you are supporting the the body's innate ability to heal itself. This is why holistic therapies tend to be more effective than conventional treatments in when it comes to chronic conditions.

When you think of people who embrace holistic approaches, what type of people come to mind? I often think of a raw food vegan who practices yoga daily and believe that many might think the same way as well. I have always wondered how they have come to represent holistic healing in general because although holistic medicine is often equated with alternative medicine, I don't believe that embracing a vegan lifestyle is balanced, nor is it an accurate example of what holistic medicine represents. The very word "holistic" implies the inclusion of all things and therefore should not be equated with the word "alternative" as this often has negative connotations, but with the word "integrative."

Vegetarianism has come to be associated with the holistic movement and although it has helped to fuel the movement and has helped to bring about more awareness about factory farming and sustainable agriculture, I believe it also deters people from embracing it as many people (myself included) consider vegetarian diets restrictive. After several years of research and observation, I have found that extreme vegetarianism or vegan diets are not exactly the healthiest diets on earth. They may be useful for short term detoxing but are not meant to be sustained for long periods nor are they meant for children, those who are pregnant or want to become pregnant or athletes. I'm sure there are also ethical reasons why people choose to follow those diets but overall, they are not ideal. There are healthier diets out there that do not require you to go to extremes. However, I encourage you to do your own research if you are considering or are currently following a vegan diet.

It is difficult to ignore the growing number of studies that support the notion that plant-based diets have the potential to treat almost every chronic condition, from diabetes to heart disease to cancer. Are these diets really as universally applicable as most proponents of plant-based diets say they are?... 
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What do you think of vegan and vegetarian diets? I'd like to hear your thoughts. Send me an email and I'll try to get back to you as soon as I can. While you're waiting, check out Thanks!


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