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Are you nuking your food?

Many people use microwaves on a regular basis because it is quite convenient. But did you know that when you microwave your food you are damaging the nutrients in your food? Microwave radiation reduces the nutritional value of food by up to 90%! When you eat nutritionally depleted food, it forces your body to use its own stores of nutrients in order to process these foods. When food is exposed to microwave radiation, it heats food from the inside out (conventional ways of heating heats food from the outside in) and this radically alters the molecular structure of food. Microwaved food creates unnatural molecules and energies that are not found in nature - it creates free radicals and carcinogens. It damages the natural structure of water molecules and transforms them into something your body does not recognize. In fact, after ingesting microwaved food, your body mounts an immune response and white blood cell levels increase. Everytime you eat microwaved food, you increase your risk for cancer as well as other degenerative conditions. Use the oven or stove to heat your food instead.
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Greetings fellow reader! Welcome to the June issue of Thought For Food...

Summer is practically here! With the weather getting warmer, it's a good idea to go outside and get some exercise so you get some sun (and much needed natural vitamin D).

Are you getting enough exercise? Exercise helps almost every medical condition, even those with heart disease (exercise is usually discouraged among this population). In a study where patients with heart disease were required to do vigorous high-intensity exercises, their conditions actually improved! Of course they were under medical supervision, so I don't recommend you engage in high intensity exercise if you do have a major medical condition without the guidance of a qualified fitness professional.

So what are some of the benefits of exercise? Exercise benefits include:
  • maintains and improves cognitive function - exercise makes you smarter
  • improves mood and feelings of well-being - endorphins, the body's natural feel-good chemicals are released when you work out
  • increases energy levels - ever notice how you can sometimes feel like you're more alert and energized after a workout?
  • supports the immune system - exercise gets the blood and lymph circulating throughout your body so you're getting more oxygen and are removing more waste products and helps you heal faster
  • helps to strenthen bones - you'll decrease your risk for injuries like fractures
  • improves quality of sleep - when you get the exercise your body needs, you'll actually have a more restful sleep
  • slows down the aging process - exercise keeps you looking and feeling young by slowing down the shrinkage of telomeres (telomeres are part of your DNA and the shortening of telomeres has been implicated in the aging process) 
Do you often find yourself making excuses when it comes to exercise? Exercise should be a normal part of your routine, just like eating and sleeping. As you get older, it's even more important to get exercise. After age 30, your body dramatically decreases it's production of human growth hormone, the hormone that gives you energy, strength and stamina. So it's important that you exercise so that your body can create more of this beneficial hormone.

Here are some of my recommendations if you currently don't exercise or exercise infrequently:

  • start gradually, work your way up slowly
  • don't be too harsh on yourself, a little is better than none
  • think progress, not perfection
  • stay positive and committed
  • bring a friend, exercise should be fun
  • work with a qualified professional if needed
Remember, it's never too late to start exercising!

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