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The PA House of Representative will convene to consider HB 1947 which was introduced by Rep. Marsico, chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

The good news: His bill would eliminate the criminal statues of limitations (SOLs) going forward from when the bill is signed and it would extend the civil SOLs to the age of 50, again going forward from when the bill is signed.

The bad news: If passed, this bill does nothing for those who have been abused in the past. Even if it extends the civil SOLs, it does not eliminate them, which would still bar some future victims from obtaining justice.

The only way to get some form of justice for past abuse is to provide a "look back" period that would suspend the civil statutes to allow victims to file civil suit against the abusers and any institutions who knowingly allowed the abuse to go unchecked.

The good news (kind of): Several House representatives have submitted amendments to this proposed bill, that would totally eliminate the civil SOLs and provide a look back clause that would allow many victims to file suits that would help expose what happened to them and by whom. Some will help in obtaining justice for all victims of child sex abuse (those sponsored by Representative Rozzi and Murt) and some will muddy the water and probably shut down consideration of this bill (those sponsored by Representative Barbin as they are very similar to tactics used by the Catholic Conference in order to shut down this type of legislation.)

Bottom line, FACSA supports the bill as it stands and if that is all that gets passed it is better than what is on the books now. But it is not enough. FACSA also supports all the amendments sponsored by Rep. Rozzi and Rep. Murt. We do not support the amendments offered by Rep. Barbin.

So, we come to you today and are asking you to contact your local state representative and let them know that you also support HB 1947 but with the amendments from Rep. Rozzi and Murt only. We know there is not much time, but we know you will do whatever you can.

Need help finding out who your state representative is? Click HERE
A full list of names and emails of the whole House are listed on our web site HERE.

Have a little more time and are willing to contact House leadership? Names and emails listed below.

Thanks for your continuing support.
House Leadership      
Leader Dave Reed  
Whip Bryan Cutler  
Caucus Chair Sandra Major  
Caucus Secretary Donna Oberlander  
Appropriations Comm. Chair William F. Adolph Jr.  
Caucus Administrator Brian L. Ellis  
Policy Committee Chair Kerry A. Benninghoff  
Leader Frank Dermody  
Whip Michael K. Hanna  
Caucus Chair Dan Frankel  
Caucus Secretary Rosita C. Youngblood  
Appropriations Comm. Chair Joseph F. Markosek  
Caucus Administrator Neal P. Goodman  
Policy Committee Chair P. Michael Sturla  
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