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I can't believe just how much we packed in this month... GREAT STUFF!
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Amp Camp Report
Thank you for your prayers and for following the things going on around us.
Camp is now over. The weather was great for the first day, absolutely gorgeous. The second day was not so good and the last day was wet. But it just feels like that was such a blessing! It is a win-win situation. If it is nice, everyone enjoys skiing, if it isn't nice, it seems that there are a lot more conversations happening!!! :) And that is exactly what happened. So we praise God!

The testimony times were so powerful!!! I am glad that we asked a few key youth to share their stories of how they found Jesus, how God didn't stop pursuing them and how God helped them turn their lives around 180 degrees to a life of fully following Jesus!
I have so many stories I can share from camp. The highlights mostly being around many personal conversations about what it means to follow Jesus, how to hear from God and how to grow closer to Jesus :) For AndrazÌŒ & Matej, they were my room-mates at camp and were very curious to understand this deeper. We had a few late night conversations and they now want to know Jesus more personally. AndrazÌŒ also asked if I would do a Bible study with him :)

Some are rebellious and don't want to listen, and then some are very moldable. Although it is hard when we see these kids walking with the world, it is encouraging to see some of them "getting it" like Katja (read what she did below). 

Pray we lead these kids well. We are like parents to 30 teenagers!!! 

Slovene Camp! What?!?

Watching the youth lead was extremely encouraging!!!

The Slovene youth led this camp for us Americans and this time, they taught us Slovene! They even had a time where we practiced sharing the Gospel in Slovene :)

We all know that when we teach or lead something, we learn so much more! So it was great for these youth to grow in leadership by planning and leading a camp for us :)

This was last weekend! Friday Feb. 19th - Sunday 21st. We all had a great time improving our Slovene and the youth did an amazing job leading the camp!

We are thankful for your faithful support!
Life here in Slovenia has been a growing process in faith as God continues teaching us to be fully dependent on Him in everything.
Thank you for being a big part of God's provision for our family and ministry through these years! 
Although it is hard to calculate exactly how low we are in our monthly support due to some months being higher and some lower, we can see that our ministry account balance is in the negative.
Will you pray with us that God will call more people to join our financial support team? 
If you have a few minutes, we always love to hear from you :)  

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KATJA got brave and shared Jesus in a presentation at school...
Katja had a presentation in her high school english class. She could pick any subject she wanted to talk about. So she shared in her school that Jesus changed her life!!!

Here is a text she wrote me,
"Heeey, I was writing the introduction and this is what I wrote: A couple of years ago I met (at English Camp) an interesting group of people who were missionaries. These people were different, but not beacuse they were foreign, but all because they saw the world differently, they were happy. I wanted to know what made them so happy and hopeful. I wanted to know what their secret was... It turned out to be Jesus."

Now, if we could multiply her passion for Jesus and her bold faith... Slovenia would be a different place!!!

This is the house we are trying to buy. Waiting on miracles...

We are still working on a loan from a Slovene Bank. If we get the loan, it will be a miracle!

So far, God has opened a lot of doors that have previously been impossible to open for other Americans! Some even seemed cemented shut! But all things are possible with God :)
Our loan application has now gone to the heads of the bank. And it seems to slowly keep moving forward!

If we are able to buy this house, this will be a huge step forward for our family and ministry in our community!

Please Pray with us that if God wants us to get this house, everything will go through smoothly. And while you are praying for that, why not pray that we will get the house at a crazy low price too ;)

Proverbs 16:3

Commit your works to the Lord ...
Lord, we commit all we do to you. You are the one who makes things grow. We pray that you would help us to be faithful to the calling you put on our lives. We pray that you raise up leaders. We pray that you give strength to "our children" to turn away from evil and follow hard after you. Open doors and shut doors in Your name Jesus,


Alisha had an appointment with the allergist. They tested to see exactly what kind of fish she is allergic to... which revealed NO ALLERGIES to fish! When we were in the hospital, they tested for allergies for fish and told me that her allergy was so severe that they needed to send her home with an Epi pen.
This week she was tested specifically for an allergy to salmon, tuna, shrimp, clam, crab, ect. (12 different kinds of fish). NOTHING tested positive! Next step is to spend the night in the hospital and they will give her fish to eat while they watch her closely.
Please Pray that we will get some clear answers about what Alisha is reacting to.

Thank you so much for your faithful friendship, prayers and support over the years! We Love you all and look forward to hearing from you when you get the chance :)

Your friends,
Shawn, Christena
Zackery, Nathan, Corban and Alisha
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