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Camp had a very different atmosphere this year. Over 30 of our campers were there for the first time! And we had a new American team. One thing we are sure of is that God is the God above every god and this is His ministry. He is seeking and calling each of these youth to choose Him!  

This years theme: "Did you get my message?"

53 Slovene future pastors, missionaries, and servants of Christ were challenged to consider or grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus who is sending them each a "MESSAGE."  

How are they responding to Jesus' message?

Here are just a couple statements that were made at camp:

Jesus is mysterious to me, but I want to know more. -Pia

I want to believe in God, but I need Him to show me that He is real. -Grega

Jesus doesn't exist. I don't believe in Him.

I go to church (Catholic), but I never heard that you can have a relationship with Jesus. I want to know more. -Sara

This camp is too much about Jesus. -Hana

I am no longer an atheist. -GasÌŒper

They are all in different places personally, an it is exciting to see them open up more to Jesus from wherever they are!

Pia and Trina are two girls that would NOT have been there if it weren't for the extra donations for camp scholarships!

Pia has been in our youth group for a couple years now and has accepted Jesus, but is still working through what that looks like in her daily life. Christena has been personally mentoring her for a while now, and we were able to see her acknowledge that she wants to follow Jesus more closely and become more of leader! 
Thank you for being a part of this ministry with your gifts!!!

Trina is new to our youth group and has been struggling through a messy divorce of her parents. We have grown very close to her these last few months as she has opened up to us personally and decided to follow Jesus with her life. At camp I was able to have a couple good talks with her and it is encouraging to see her make big steps with her faith in Jesus and learning to get her strength and comfort from Jesus where her earthly father has failed her. 

Next is Performing Arts Camp.

JULY 28th - AUGUST 7th

We have 7 kids coming from our area. 3 believers and 4 unbelievers. Lovro, Tian, Katja = Believers + Rebeka, Danaja, Spela and Manca = Unbelievers. Andrea will also be going and daily meeting with them throughout camp and leading a small group challenging them to give their lives to Jesus.

The theme is "Alien". 

They will be having a performance in our city August 5th and two in the capital city August 6th and 7th. Many parents who normally don't go to church will come watch their kids perform. The performance always includes the Gospel in it. 

Would you be praying:
1. That Rebeka, Danaja, Spela and Manca would give their lives to Jesus.
2. That Lovro, Tian, and Katja would be involved in encouraging the others and disciple the unbelievers.
3. That Lovro, Tian, Katja would grow closer in their own personal walks with Christ. 
4. For Andrea to be sensitive, encouraging, deepen relationships and God to use her in every area, but especially as she leads small group.
4. That this would reach many parents hearts? Only Lovro's mom believes in God. His dad is close. The other parents are unsupportive of their children' faith. 

Traveling to the States


July 28 - August 2  Cannon Beach, OR
July 28 - Coastline Christian Fellowship (Thursday night service)
July 31 - Cannon Beach Community Church (both services)
July 31 - Olney Church (lunch)
July 31 - Cannon Beach Hispanic Church (evening service)

August 2 - 4  Eatonville, WA
August 3 - Tanwax Community Church (Wednesday night)

August 4 - 10  Independence, OR
August 6 - Sister Shanna's wedding
August 7 - Salem First Nazarene (both services and Open-Heart Sunday school)

August 10 - 14  Spokane area, WA
August 10 - Dalkena (Wednesday night)
August 14 - Lake Spokane Community Church (both services)

August 15 - Fly Home to Slovenia

You can make a difference.

Even the smallest donation helps pay for a kid to go to camp and give them a life-changing exposure to Christ and a call to surrender it all.

Help Scholarship for Performing Arts Camp
Personal note:

Our life right now is as the weather is: hot, cold, stormy, crazy and inconsistent. We definitely enjoy this season of life (though it is very demanding)... it is probably one of our favorites. Like the green trees and lawns, berries ripening, flowers in full bloom, so also we sense this in a spiritual sense. Fruit springing forth. It is so amazing to see all God is doing and creating... Beauty out of ashes!!!

God is good!

The house that we wish and all prayed about seems to be at a halt. We put an offer, it was rejected and countered with a price that would be unwise and truly impossible. So we stay where we are and wait for God to move us forward if He wills. We are trusting God.

We love you, pray for you, and pray that God is near to you.

Thank you for how you support us!
Seeking to make Him famous!

Shawn and Christena

Prayer Requests
- These youth (Tija, Katja, Tian, Domen, Lovro, David and Bojana) that lead at camp and now disciple their piers.
- Open hearts for the ones being discipled and called to a life with Jesus.
- That we would keep throwing our nets out further and further and be fishers of men.
- Performing Arts Camp July 28th - August 7th.
- Safety traveling to and around Oregon and Washington.
- The picture above is a day camp we did to reach people in Trebnje. Our New church plant will be in Trebnje starting in September.
- Health, Energy and Wisdom.
- Unity with church leadership and teammates.


- Alisha turned 7! She invited her closest friends and celebrated with them.
- Nathan turned 10! We celebrated at a dinosaur park.
- National Television filmed parts of the day. And even interviewed our missionary country leader!
- Andrea Fountain has moved here!!! :D
- We had a good turn out for the camp in the new city (Trebnje).
In September we will be starting our VERY FIRST sister church!!!
- Many youth decided at camp to either follow Jesus with their lives, do an evangelistic Bible study with a leader, or join our youth group in the fall!
- Our camp follow-up "Amazing Race" went well and we are continuing to connect well with our new youth.
- We have youth taking discipleship seriously and discipling their piers. These leaders are discipling 2-4 youth! That is EXCITING!
- TODAY! Tuesday the 19th, we had 27 youth at the water park follow-up event. Some of the boys are  pictured above. 
- It is compleeeeeetly full!
- Shawn gets to visit family and friends and attend his sisters wedding.
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