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Cats and dogs are killed without mercy for their fur to be made into products for the fashion industry. The majority of fur-trimmed items (even trinkets) labeled as “faux fur” or “synthetic” may be real fur, mostly from cats and dogs.

Unconditional Love,
Loyal Companion, Protector
Would you say those qualities
describe your pet?

While you’re home sharing special time with your beloved companion, imagine the many imprisoned in terror and pain awaiting a tragic death for the sake of fashion.

The Movie
The Voices That Can't Speak  

Is not your typical documentary about animal cruelty.  It is not meant to shock its viewers.  It’s purpose is to educate, heal and transform consciousness, by conveying the truth from a deeper level of the psyche, bridging the unconscious, subconscious and conscious link to cruelty, violence, apathy, greed, and lack of compassion or empathy, with its center on the fur trade as a paradigm of a larger, more expansive nemesis permeating our world.

Will You Support This Project?
This vitally important film depends on it.

We are raising Phase 1 Funding for the trailer and appreciate your outreach and support.

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From The Filmmaker

Animals are companions, magical creatures of the earth, not commodities.  They are sentient beings, capable of responding emotionally, with feeling and perception.

They have an inherent right to live in peace with dignity.  I believe they are our teachers, our connection with our own soul.  They are pure, unconditional love birthed on our planet to heal the underlying source of harm in our society. 

I struggle to find peace when I know the suffering these precious souls endure.  That is why I am making this film, so their cries can be heard around the world and awaken consciousness and love on our planet.

I am grateful for every angel that has extended their wings and every loving person who has reached out in compassion and support, for your amazing spirit and love for the animals, and for the light and energy you are holding for this vitally important film.  You have expressed your voice for the innocents who cannot speak for themselves.

Their Cries can be Heard with Your Voice
The Power is in Our Hearts 

Blessings With Love,
Kathleen Lowson


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