We appreciate those of you who have been keeping up with us and with the Lord’s work among the Kwakum. Here is what has been going on:

Bible Translation

We are making slow and steady progress in the area of Bible translation. To get one Bible story to a state of being ready to present to our consultant, it takes around 11-14 (hard) days. We are moving forward and are currently in the middle of translating the Joseph story. We are regularly in awe of how the Word of God is changing lives even now. Here are a couple examples:

In response to the account of Adam and Eve one neighbor said:

I see now that all of us on this earth are children of Adam and Eve and that all of us are made in God’s image. How this impacts my life is that I am guilty of racism. I look down on the pygmy tribe and treat them poorly, when I should be treating them as my equal.

We had been praying long and hard that the Lord would convict our friends and neighbors of this sin and he is through his Word.

We taught about how the Lord used Eve to tempt Adam to sin without directly talking to Adam himself. I asked people how they think that Satan uses us to his spokesmen to our children and those around us. This is the response I got:
“I see that we have been teaching our children to take revenge on those that mistreat them instead of teaching them to love their enemies. We have not been giving them God’s counsel, but instead Satan’s.”

Here is our updated progress chart for the Kwakum OT Storying project:

Please pray that many more neighbors would come to our morning Bible studies so that they too can hear the Word of God and repent of specific sins as well. Please give God glory for the power of his Word.


One of our goals in literacy this year is to publish 20 stories in addition to the Bible stories we are printing. We have about 10 stories that should be published within the next month, complete with illustrations from a very talented local artist. The stories being printed range from a history of the Kwakum, to local fables, to parables illustrating the Gospel message.

We currently have 5 Kwakum people who are teaching literacy classes, two of which are teaching classes with Dave and I. Literacy, like translation, is a lot of day-in and day-out work. I am teaching people who have never gone to school how to read and we are starting by teaching them how to hold a book and how to count in order to find page numbers. It is arduous work.

One of my struggling students stood up in class one day and said,
“I know that I am doing poorly in class. I know school is hard for me, but I am here because I know that my teacher loves me and I am not giving up.” Comments like this one keep me going.

Other students have said things like,
“I just long to KNOW! I have nothing in my head and I want to learn to read so that I can KNOW things and use my mind.”

Please pray that strong students would help study with struggling students daily. Please pray that the love of Christ would be present in all Kwakum classrooms. Please pray that people WILL learn to read and write.

Church Planting

We are still hosting a Sunday night discipleship study with a handful of new believers and are delighted to see them growing in the faith. We have dealt with matters all the way to baptism to biblical conflict resolution and are watching them learn to counsel one another using ideas taught in Scripture.

Not only that, but there are opportunities to talk about the Lord daily among our friends and neighbors. In fact, recently two ladies (who are not Kwakum) have asked me to teach them the Bible just because they want to know what it says. As I work here, I am constantly amazed at how people know virtually nothing about the Bible and yet how quickly they take by faith what they hear. I believe their hearts have been prepared by God to readily accept his Word as they are hearing it and I believe that is in large part because of your prayers.

Please pray for the Lord to save many through the teaching of his Word through daily Bible studies, personal conversations, and through the evangelism and example of new converts. Pray for large-scale repentance of sexual immorality, which is an acceptable sin inside and outside of the church. Pray for new believers that they would grow up to be mature in Christ.

Family Life

Our children will be finishing the 6th grade this year in May. We have been tremendously blessed to have Madison with us as their homeschool teacher this year. I wish that I could write that the Lord has been pouring his Spirit out both outside and inside of our home, but that has not been the case. With the exception of Kaden, our children are resistant to the Word of God and this is a daily grief to our hearts.

After hearing the beginning of the story of Joseph, one of our co-translators said,
“I see in this story how within Joseph’s household, there was strife and jealousy and yet outside of his household the Lord just blessed what Joseph was doing abundantly.”

My colleague didn’t mean to encourage me by what he said, but I felt like the Lord used his words to bless me incredibly. It is not the first time in history that the Lord has blessed the work of people outside of their home while inside of their home he chose to delay or never give his blessing. We love our children, and we trust the Lord fully and believe that he is working all this out for our good.

Please pray that the Lord would pour out his Spirit in our home and that would result in conviction of sin, reconciled relationships, and a pursuit of peace and love. Pray that we would endure in faithful parenting. Pray also that the Lord would provide an awesome homeschool teacher for next year and that they’d have no problem getting a visa.

Thank you for joining us in prayer that the Lord would cause righteousness and praise to sprout up among those to whom we minister:

'“For as the earth brings forth its sprouts, and as a garden causes what is sown in it to sprout up, so the Lord God will cause righteousness and praise to sprout up before all the nations.” Isaiah 61:11

Dave and Stacey Hare

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