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Why we are doing what we do.

Since we have returned to our village in August 2018, we have met a young couple that has reminded us why we are doing what we are doing.

The young man, named Ko has been an orphan since he was 8 years old. When his parents died, he went to live with his aunt who had him work for his stay in lieu of going to school. Ko has shown interest in learning more about the Lord but confided in Dave that there was one thing holding him back: he cannot read and thus not read the Bible. When Dave told him that we wanted to build a Kwakum (AKA Bakoum)* literacy/translation center, he lit up and couldn’t wait to start learning. We have hired him to help build the center and he works sun-up to sundown making bricks. We also hope to start teaching him the Bible orally.

His girlfriend, Mami (pronounced “Mommy”), recently lost her father who was allegedly murdered by her step-mom. She works with me (Stacey) daily learning to read Kwakum. I also am teaching through a French children’s story book Bible in Kwakum, explaining to her the character of God through Bible stories. The other day, in the story of Abraham sacrificing his son to Isaac, when I asked her what she learned, she said that she learned that God loved Abraham because Abraham loved Him first. I said, “No, God loved Abraham first and called him out of idolatrous family. Abraham in return loved God.” We then read the verse “We love because he first loved us” (1 John 4:19) while I explained that first we are receivers of God’s love and then it is reciprocated to him and to others. Her mind was blown as she had previously assumed that we had to earn God’s love. She does not understand the Gospel yet (we are still in Genesis), but she cannot get enough of the Word of God.

The Kwakum house

As mentioned above, we have started a building a “Kwakum House” which will serve as a literacy and translation center. The property was given to us by our local church and gives our ministry credibility in the eyes of the people. In the 2,500 square feet structure will be a conference room, a screened in porch area (where we will work with children), a translation classroom and office, and a literacy classroom and office. The structure is by the village well and so as people are getting water, they will be able to hear people inside singing the Kwakum alphabet and reading stories aloud. People are talking about the center and some have even been moved to tears as we have told them about it. We hope to have the building completed at the end of March 2019.


Literacy program and Jean Yves

When we first arrived in Cameroon, we met a Cameroonian believer who works with Wycliffe here in Cameroon. He helped us go from village to village among the Kwakum and explain the Bible translation and literacy project to the people. He has since received training in developing a literacy program. We reconnected when we arrived back in the country in August 2018 and he mentioned that he would be interested in returning to the Kwakum to do an internship and help us get the literacy program started. We are currently talking to his supervisors, but if all goes as planned, he would be assigned to our project starting next month, Jan 2019. He and I (Stacey) would work together on the writing system / how to teach it, and in time, he would run point on literacy while Dave and I transition to Bible translation. We consider Jean-Yves to be a HUGE answer to prayer.


Chris Gassler is an ethnomusicologist who studies music of various Cameroonian people groups. He is based in the capital but has come out to the Kwakum in order to study their music. Our dream is that he and a team of Kwakum musicians could come up with an alphabet song in Kwakum as well as Scripture stories put to music. We are hoping to work with him throughout the years so that when the Bible is completed, we can have songs that sound Kwakum laced throughout the audio version of the translation. It is also a very effective way to transmit the truths of Scripture as the Kwakum are known to sing and dance for hours, usually during their funeral ceremonies.

Prayer requests:
- Pray for the Lord to help us get up to a level four in our language speaking ability.
- Please pray for the salvation of our children Makyra, Elias, and Zoey. We are specifically asking that people pray for Makyra this month of December and if you would like specific ways to pray for her, please email Stacey at
- Pray for writing-system workshops in January. We will be having workshops in January to make key decisions on the Kwakum writing systems. These meetings have the potential to be emotional, riotous and unproductive. Please pray that the Lord would give Dave and I wisdom in helping the people work together and that the meetings would stay calm and reasonable. 
- Pray for the salvation of Mami and Ko.
- Pray that it would work out for Jean-Yves to minister alongside us and that we would make an effective, loving power team.
- Pray for peace in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon (very far from where we live) as there is much political unrest, violence, and kidnapping.

- Praise God for progress in the language.
- Praise God for raising up co-workers like Jean-Yves and Chris Gassler.
- Praise God for Hunter who patiently homeschools our children.
- Praise God for many opportunities to slowly and carefully explain God’s Word to others.
- Praise God for those who have repented at the hearing of God’s Word.
- Praise God for faithful Kwakum friends who work side-by-side with us as we work together in the language acquisition and development.
- Praise God for the vision and progress in the building of the Kwakum literacy and translation center.

Also of interest is that our agency, World Team, will be at Urbana this year! For more information visit their website at

*The Kwakum people often refer to themselves as the Bakoum. They say that the Kwakum is more traditional, so we are going to try to stick with that.
As always, we are extremely grateful for your support and prayers. Please do hit reply and let us know how we can be praying for you.

Dave and Stacey Hare

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