Can you believe that we will be in Cameroon in July!
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Kaden is 5 years old!

Praise With Us

- Praise God that we bought plane tickets and that we are moving to Cameroon!
- Praise God that, so far, we have managed to do well in our more advanced French class
- Praise God that the kids are thriving in their schools!


Pray With Us

- Pray that we will pass our French tests scheduled to start on March 31st
- We feel extremely busy as we juggle full time language study, our family, and now preparing to go to Cameroon. Pray we would get everything done and love one another in the process.
- Pray that the Lord would provide the funding we need to get set up in Cameroon
- Pray that the Lord would use us here while we are in France for the advancement of his Kingdom.


Stacey leading a devotional for our class.
Forward to Friend

Almost There!

We would like to begin this newsletter in saying that we bought our plane tickets to go to Cameroon and are scheduled to fly out on July 29th! Yay! There is much to do between now and then such as get immunizations, apply for a visa, ship our things from Dallas, TX to Cameroon and buy a vehicle. Nevertheless we are very excited for this next chapter and will be sure to give you more details about what our first few months will look like in country as we ourselves are made aware.
In our last newsletter we wrote about the possibility of a national working with us to put into place various inter-church committees and literacy committees before our arrival in Cameroon. We are sad to say that this opportunity fell through, which is disappointing. Of course, we know the Lord is with us and is more committed to the translation of his Word then we are, and yet we do feel a sense of loss in this.

French, French, French

As we mentioned on our last newsletter, Dave and I skipped a level of French and were thus placed in an advanced class. Although these last few months have been intense, we are very thankful to the Lord that he has helped us keep our heads above water in the new class. The extra effort last trimester paid of in that we are in a class that is much smaller but the expectations are much higher. The true test of our competency, however, will come during our week of testing starting on March 31st. We have also found this class to be extremely beneficial in that our teacher is Togolese and thus has given us an “insider's” look into the effects of French colonization in West Africa and how we may be viewed in light of that. 
We have both been leading devotional times for our class our class and have been enjoying learning to explain biblical truths in French. There have been other milestones as well. For instance, when we walk around town now we can understand almost all of the conversations around us and we no longer feel like lost foreigners. We still have 5 months to improve our French, but it is exciting to see how far, by God’s grace, we have been able to come.

Family Life

As reported in our last several newsletters, Elias and Zoey had not been doing well at their schools and we decided to stay home with them in the afternoons. We are very excited to tell you that the Lord has answered so many prayers in this regard. Both of them have been welcomed to stay back at the school all day now and more often than not, they are obeying their teachers. Zoey has even begun to win her teacher's heart as she ends each school day by giving her a kiss on the cheek.
It seems that the kids have turned a corner to the point that they seem to be thriving in their school. Kyra was sick in bed for two days but cried because she did not want to have to stay home from school. They love their school, love their friends, and are learning French rapidly.
The other day we had one of the Kaden’s friends over and were reading Bible stories to all the kids when we discovered that this 5 year old had never heard about Jesus, the Garden of Eden, or anything to do with the Bible. We are praying that all of our language abilities would continue to improve so that we might be able to have more and more opportunities to tell others about the Word.

Financial Need
We have reached the point where we need to start buying solar panels, a vehicle, 3 years worth of bug spray, etc in preparation for our lives in Cameroon. However, between pledges that have not come in and the Cameroonian government which overly taxes foreigners, we are at least $10,000 short in our budget. So, if you are able, we could really benefit from one time gifts at this time. If you would like more details about our budget, we have no problem talking openly about where finances are going and Dave even has several excel spreadsheets to share. 

If you are able to help financially, please click the button to the left or HERE to contact World Team and support our ministry.

As always, thank you for your love and care and feel free to hit reply and tell us how we can pray for YOU. 

In Christ,

Dave and Stacey Hare

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