When we asked the Lord to help us find a good language learning situation, we ended up getting more than we asked for!

What We Asked For...And More!

When we arrived in France and were soon after told that our language school was shutting down, we were distraught. We were trying to learn French on our own while praying the Lord would provide a school that would give us so much French that we would be exhausted trying to keep up. The Lord has definitely answered that prayer.  We have now been living in Albertville for almost two months and are learning a lot of French.  Here are some direct answers to prayer since we arrived:
  • Our language school is phenomenal.   There are daily chapels in French, the professors are skilled at teaching and also regularly pray for their students.  Mid-July Dave and I will lead a 15 minute devotional in class…in French.
  • People from our church in Albertville have made it their goal to serve us as we learn French.  One man, named Alain, comes over to our house every week so that Dave and I can practice our French on him (he is a very patient man!).   Another man, named Jean-François, goes running with Dave each week so that they can practice French.
  • I have a language partner named Elisa who I meet with once or twice a week so that I can practice speaking French with her.  Not only are we learning French, but we are also becoming friends.
  • The kids are all currently in our schools French-speaking day-care and they love it.  I was trying to ask Elias a question in French the other day and, when I could not remember a word, he finished the sentence for me. It is very exciting to see the kids pick up French.
  • We are learning French and are excited to see little victories. The biggest victory as of late is that we went to a government office to enroll the kids for school in September…and we did it. We left the office having enrolled our children in school…all in French. Thank you Lord!

Thank God For Language Partners!

Alain and the kids              Dave and Jean François             Stacey and Elisa

Oh the humor of language learning:
Here is a paraphrase of a mostly-French conversation Dave had with a friend the other day:
Dave: So what’s the French word for the animals in the ocean that can sting you when you swim?
French Speaker (Owen):  Meduse. What’s the English word?
Dave: Jelly-fish
Owen:  Jelly-fish?
Dave:  Yes, it is like the English word “jelly;” you know the stuff you put on your toast.
Owen:  Americans put jelly-fish on their toast?!
Dave: No, no no. Jelly is the word for the animal, it’s like confiture (the French word for jam).
Owen: Oh, well what is the difference between “jelly” and “jam”?
Dave: …I have no idea. Weren’t we talking about fish?

Potentially Exciting News:
Our friends, Craig and Allison Allen, recently visited Cameroon and met with the Bakoum people (the people with whom we plan to work). The Allens told us that the Bakoum people remembered us and were still eagerly awaiting our arrival. Not only that, but they found out that there is another language group that is extremely similar to the language of the Bakoum people. We still need to do more linguistic analysis once we hit the ground, but if it is as similar as the Bakoum say it is, we could potentially work with both language groups and do a Bible translation for both of them. We are VERY excited about this possibility; please pray it will work out.


* Praise the Lord that we have been able to find a French Language program that works for us so well.
* Praise the Lord that even though parenting has been difficult recently, we have been learning valuable lessons. See Stacey's post for more details: Oh...I Guess I Am the One Who Needs Prayer.
* Praise the Lord for the supporters who have been keeping in contact with us. We have received 3 Care Packages from supporters in the US with many of the things that we need and want and cannot get here in France (including but not limited to a cookie monster loofa for the kids).

Prayer Requests:
* We have our first series of major exams coming up in mid-July.  It is a four-day test determine if we pass the “AI” level.  Pray we would pass!
* That the Lord would bless the relationships we are developing here in Albertville.  That those who are not believers, the Lord would draw to himself and for those who are believers, that we would mutually encourage one another.
* Please continue to pray for our son Elias who in the thick of “terrible twos” right now.  Pray that he would learn self-control and learn to obey his parents.
* Pray that the would honor the Lord in being diligent to study and faithful parents.  We long to excel in both.

As always, we are so thankful for you, our supporters. We love you and thank the Lord for you often. Please feel free to hit reply to let us know how we can be praying for you!

Dave and Stacey Hare


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