We have entered into a season of weeping and rejoicing wth the loss of a sister and the addition of a teammate.
A Season of Weeping...
Heather and StaceyIf you follow our blog, you would have seen that my (Dave's) sister died on August 10th. Heather Joy Hare has always been such a blessing to my family and to me and she will be greatly missed. Heather was born with a weak body: Down Syndrome, major heart problems, and many other issues. And yet, this weak little girl has always been an amazing testimony to the goodness of God. Her child-like faith and tenderness of heart have always left me praying "Lord, make me more like Heather." With tears we will be saying goodbye to Heather on August 16th in Colorado Springs. We do so with hope, knowing that she trusted in Christ and is with him now. If you would like to know more about the beautiful life of Heather Joy Hare, you can read my remembrance of her on our blog:

...and of Rejoicing!
Richie Rice in CameroonAs God often does, he has blessed us in many ways in our time of grief. One such blessing is in his answering our prayers. We have been praying and asking you to pray for a long time that the Lord would provide for us teammates for the mission field. And it is with great joy that I tell you that Richie Rice has returned from a visit to Cameroon and he absolutely loved it! Not only did he love it, Team Cameroon South has now extended an invitation to Richie to come and join the team and he has accepted. We also have been praying that he would love the Bakoum people whom we visited in October 2010. When I asked Richie, he said that the Bakoum people were one of the main highlights from the trip. He said that they were exceedingly warm and welcoming to him. Our Future Home?He said they remembered Stacey and me and they even had a house that they wanted to give us to live in (see picture to the right)! What a huge answer of prayer. Not only did Richie love the Bakoum, but they loved us and are excited and ready for us to come to them. To be sure, there are still a lot of variables, but it is exciting for us to look at this house and think, "we could be living there soon." Stacey and I believe that the Lord has gifted us to translate the Bible which is a huge task! Richie feels called to be involved in church planting and discipleship. So, his plan is to come to Cameroon and as we translate the Scriptures, he will take God's Word to the people. What an amazing and God-ordained partnership!

Much to Do!
We would appreciate your prayers for all of the things that need to happen between now and April 2013. Here is a sampling:Passports are in!
  • Stacey will complete the first of six sessions of linguistic training on August 14th. So five more sessions to go!
  • We need to purchase and ship everything we will need for the next four years that we cannot get in Cameroon.
  • In order to be granted a longterm visa to Cameroon, we will need to be invited by a national organization. The Cameroon Baptist Convention will be sponsoring us in this and we will need to get a dossier of paperwork to them. This needs to be in Cameroon 7 months before we leave (i.e. September).
  • After getting "permission to enter and stay" we will need to apply for our visa to enter Cameroon.
  • We have said our goodbyes to our California friends and family in June, we will be in Colorado for December, Louisville for March, and Pensylvania for the beginning of April.

Prayer and Praise
  • PRAISE the Lord for the life of Heather! She has been an encouragement and an inspiration to us. And pray that as we grieve we will Elias Cryingnot grieve as those who have no hope.
  • PRAISE the Lord for providing a teammate in Richie and PRAY that the Lord would provide all that he needs to get to the field quickly.
  • PRAY for Elias who will be getting his tonsils out August 28th.
  • PRAY for Stacey as she is working hard to grasp tough linguistic concepts in a compacted program. I can testify that it is overwhelming. Praise the Lord she is loving it and doing very well.

Thank you so much for caring about our ministry. It has been a blessing to watch the Lord answer your prayers. We would love to be praying for you as well, so please let us know if there are ways we can be praying!
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