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February 17, 2016

Responsible Palm Oil, Tourism and other Updates

Dear friends and supporters,
Wild Asia has passed its twelfth birthday and we have hit a major milestone for a small enterprise we began in 2003. We have remained focused on innovating local solutions to address global sustainability challenges. Our work has started gaining more attention by leaving a mark on key sectors that we have targeted: palm oil, tourism and the built environment.

Technical Support in Palm and related CommoditiesA big part of our work focuses on developing practical and working solutions to guide palm oil producers to move to meet traceability, zero deforestation policies, and RSPO certification. Currently we are building a good base of experience in conducting social & environmental impact assessments, high conservation value assessments, GHG analysis and preparing producers to meet RSPO New Planting and Compensation requirements.

Traceability to Certification of Small ProducesWild Asia's work with small producers has grown from strength to strength. We started out in 2010 with a pilot project of 21 farmers in Sarawak. We currently manage 5 independent small producer project sites across Malaysia, of which 3 have been RSPO-certified. We have close to 600 member farmers and have established strong business links with key partners across the supply chain for each project site. Moving forward our aim is to see the growth of small producer inclusive supply chains as we believe that this is one way that businesses can have a positive impact on the community where oil palm is ultimately grown. 

Introducing the AcademySince 2008. we have been consistent in developing and delivering locally appropriate training programmes specifically to the Palm Oil industry. This work has eventually led to the official endorsement of our training programme:  particularly RSPO-endorsed Lead Auditors course and HCVRN-endorsed HCV Lead Assessors. Course participation and industry involvement have grown over the years as we strive to continuously improve the system as well the course contents and delivery, and keeping up to date with the latest requirements.
This year, Wild Asia is committed to establish its very own Academy as an initiative to formalise this system of delivering our programmes. Partnering with relevant industry stakeholders and organisations, the courses will include the RSPO Requirements and P&C Lead Auditors Course, Supply Chain Lead Auditors Course along with key supporting skills such as Social Impacts Assessments (SIA) and High Conservation Values (HCV) Assessments. The target audience for these courses is inclusive of industry members and interested stakeholders from across the Palm Oil supply chain and supporting industries. Watch this space as the initiative rolls out this year!
Responsible Tourism in Asia2016 also marks the 10th birthday of our Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Awards, so we wanted to make it special and meaningful. Our team has decided that instead of running the traditional annual awards competition, this year we will focus on consolidating lessons learned in a decade of responsible tourism, and be re-connecting with past recipients to share stories of best practice. In the coming months we will be producing a collection of case studies (successes, challenges, impact and insights) from the best in sustainable travel in Asia.  
A special and spectacular event is planned in conjunction with ITB Asia in Singapore this October to mark the zenith of a decade of responsible travel. Join us to celebrate as we continue to Learn, Be Inspired and Make a Difference for travel and destinations in Asia.

Build for Tomorrow Wild Asia's newest initiative was granted the British Council's 2015 Entrepreneurs for Good Award setting the initiative among the best social entrepreneurship efforts in Malaysia. The initiative is called Build for Tomorrow, it enables collaboration between designers, innovators and our understanding of nature and biodiversity, to provide a practical solution in building sustainable communities. With the support of individuals and partners we managed to start the construction of the first Earthship building in Malaysia. By training and hiring members of the local community in Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan, and with the support of over 400 Malaysian and international volunteers, the project has set unparalleled standards of sustainable construction in Malaysia. The building consists of one community center (to be shared among 6 Orang Asli communities) and two houses and is expected to be completed in April 2016. Build for Tomorrow aims to continue setting itself as a leading effort integrating corporate and community efforts to achieve social and environmental gains in Southeast Asia.

Continue to Support Our Initiatives As ever - we cannot do what we do without you and your continued support. All professional engagements (advisory to training) or direct sponsorship of our projects all go a long way to keeping us busy! If you want to explore new ways to work with Wild Asia do contact us today.

All the best for the new year and we look forward to an exciting one!

Dr Reza Azmi
Executive Director

Wild Asia
Promoting Change, Inspiring People, Engaging Businesses

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