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Clay Collage For Kids Wed 8th April 11am-1pm Glen Eden Village Pop Up Square, Glenmall.

Explore Glen Eden's Streams by Night Thurs 9th April 6-8pm with freshwater fish afishianado Paul Woodard. An informative streamside walk in our backyard urban streams. Please book with Pamela 8132063 / 021308257
ECODAY Sunday 12th April 11am-4pm Live Music & performance; Eco Art & Upcycling; Sustainable Living Workshops; Green Community Hub plus more
Lucinda Orchard Working Bees next month Sun 12th &  26th April 10am-12pm, 6a Lucinda Place, Glen Eden. All welcome. Contact Helen 0211392940


Hall of Fame

We are so sad to have recently lost one of our neighbour champions Richard Gardiner.  His sudden death in the New Year has been a huge shock for his family and we give them our sincere commiserations.

Through Richard’s love of the New Zealand natural environment he has been very pleased to work with Project Twin Streams over the past six years, planting and doing environmental weed control in his neighbourhood.

We will miss his strong support and leadership in the community in the Wirihana Wetland and Glen Eden streams.

Alanah Mullin 
Stream Ranger
09 813 2285
021 308 268

Sam McElwee
Stream Ranger
09 813 2285

Pamela Gill
Community Coordinator
09 813 2063
021 308 257

Our Streams Our Dreams
Autumn e-pānui

Kia ora tātou katoa
Welcome to this month's streamside tales.  Beginning with a recent not so  streamside event that EcoMatters Environment Trust facilitated, that is, 'a bag's not community conversation'.

It was great being part of an evening where community came together to talk about ways to minimise and/or eradicate single-use plastic bags from Auckland.  We were all aware of the detrimental impact that they have on our environment!  We learnt about what others are doing around the world and discussed what we could do locally.  If you're interested in being part of this, contact us to join the follow up discussion.

One of the concerns we face streamside everyday, are all those plastic bags that get blown into the stream or transported via stormwater drains to the nearest stream and then out to sea. 
 If you came to the recent kauri karnival at Parr's Park you would have noticed the fabulous kauri tree artwork created by the Walsh Trust clients with the help of PTS community co-ordinator, Derek March. Awesome work guys.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rain water harvesting, simply refers to capturing the water which falls on your roof into a tank or any other storage medium. Many households in Aotearoa, outside of metropolitan areas are completely reliant on rainwater for all water use, including for drinking. Unfortunately within areas where the city water supply is available, it is not permitted to use rainwater for the main drinking supply. There are of course many other benefits to collecting rain water though, such as for; watering gardens, flushing toilets, showers, laundry. In fact, water use in the kitchen only amounts to 10% of total use. This means a rain tank can potentially save you a lot off your water bill. Better yet it takes a lot of pressure of streams during rain events by diverting stormwater runoff to your tank. Also, during natural disasters, such as an earthquake you will have a clean back up supply.  

Moth plant

Moth plant a.k.a Araujia hortorum smothers native vegetation and spreads wildly. It also produces pods with hundreds of poisonous seeds. Seeds are viable for about 5 years so every pod that bursts means at least 5 years of follow up work!

A tip to identifying moth plant is to break a stem or leaf and white sap will ooze out.  This sap can be mildly irritating so best to wear gloves when handling.  At this time of the year the pods are getting ready to break apart so save the Glen Eden hood from this nasty, remove all pods and dispose of at the Refuse Station or in your rubbish bag. The rest of the plant can be dug out or cut and pasted with herbicide but do get those pods & seeds as a first priority.

A really good facebook group discovered recently is S.T.A.M.P. Society Totally Against Moth Plant. This group is focused on eliminating moth plant from Auckland.

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