It’s that time of the year!

Back-to-school time is hectic for families but with a fresh perspective, tools, and support you can make this a more successful year for everyone. 

Parents, allow the staff at ICS to suppo
rt you with some TLC and help make this year’s transition easier. Plus, take 25% off your initial consultation using the coupon below!

Visit or call the office today to learn what our counselors can do for you and your children.
For your convenience, we offer Skype and phone sessions if you cannot come into our office.

  •  Psychoeducational Testing. Assess your child’s strengths/weakness. We also make recommendations to improve your child’s success in school.
  •  Autism and Aspergers Disorder Testing and Psychoeducational Testing. Have your child evaluated with testing and recommendations for success.
  • School Accommodation Letters or 504 Plan Advocacy. We can write letters with a diagnosis and accommodations so your child excels in school.
  •  Social Skills Groups. Available to help with the anxieties of making new friends or support children with social skills delays. We help close the gap with our social skills services.

  • Simplified Home & School Behavior Charts. Child/adolescent experts give you and your child's teachers home and school behavior charts or plans tied to home privileges or an allowance!
  •  Career Counseling. Available for your high school student, college student, and adults who desire career change.
  •  Test Anxiety Tips for Students. Whether it’s standardized test stress or tests and quizzes in general.
  • Eating Disorders. Helps your child understand how emotions and stress can lead to eating disorders and how to treat and or prevent them. 
  •  Art Therapy. Supports children and their families in increasing resiliency, coping strategies, and communication skills. 

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